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Two-Career Family Versus One-Career Family? Essay, Research Paper

It seems as though, some people feel a two-career family is necessary for today?s society. Today, the cost-of-living has soared to an enormous height. Ideas of living in a gigantic home with brand-new cars tend to flourish the minds of parents. Meaning, both parents must work, not only for a place to live and an automobile to drive, but also for enough funds to raise a family.

Only a few centuries ago, American families lived different life styles. The thought of a mother working, to provide for her family, was unheard of. Dad would work to provide all the necessities for his family, and Mom would stay home with the kids. This way, Mom was able to provide the children with constance attention, affection, and love. Dad could work full days, and make enough money to pay the bills, put the food on the table, and provide adequate clothing for everyone. In those days, the kids didn?t get in trouble much. Cigarettes were considered drugs, and a death sentence. Sex was a one-time discussion; you were sat down for a once in a lifetime talk? ?The Birds and the Bees.? The way of life was better then, less stressful.

Today, we are forced to live a very different life style. Over 50% of mothers have to work, in order to help raise their families. Questioning whether, the reason be, that mom?s may have a better education than dad, therefore, she brings home a higher pay check or because the lack of education has made it impossible for dad to get a good enough job to afford a one-career household. Others who chose not to work, since it would end up being cheaper for mom to stay home and watch the kids. Childcare costs range from seventy-five to one hundred dollars a week. The child would have the same benefits as the children, from centuries ago, if they stayed home. One down fall to staying home with your child, instead of daycare, is the lack of contact with other children. Kids will learn from kids. Sending your child to daycare will also help them build personality. The less time you spend with your children, the less you will know them. Although, most Americans will have to live in a two-career household, try not to disregard your children. Let them know, just how special they are. Set aside one day a week for quality time. Try eating dinner at the table and talking about the events of the day. Whether, you chose to work or stay home with your kids, make every minute count. My advice would me to make sure you provide a good life for your family, and they will succeed

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