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He Beatles Essay, Research Paper

George Martin differed from most producers of record albums from his time. When he worked with the Beatles, he made the album sound the way the way they wanted it to sound instead of he wanted it to. Whatever sound that they wanted on the album, he had to go find it. The recording techniques he used had never been done before, they were breakthroughs at the time. Like in the song ?Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite?, he took several recordings of calliopes, organs, and other circus sounds and took the tapes from them and cut them into sections and mixed them all up randomly for the final sound. He was also an excellent musician he had the ability to think musically. He would compose classical string parts for Beatles songs (Yesterday), and would eventually produce very surreal ?tripped out? sounds for them when the music started going in that direction. He was a key part of the Beatles success and significance to our culture. The Beatles may have been the artists, but I believe he was the driving force behind their music.

The Beach Boys? ?Good Vibrations? was a landmark song for many reasons. It was the first record to have as many sounds on it as it did. This was mostly credited to Brian Wilson, who was fascinated by recording techniques, and used a new technique for four track called ?bouncing?. This bouncing technique allowed the artist to put many more sounds on tape than the normal four track method allowed. In using this method, Wilson was able to incorporate the sounds of their vocals, the organ, bass, drums, tambourine, a 2nd organ, a theramin, bowe

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