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Jane Eyre Vs Lucy Cho Essay, Research Paper

Jane Eyre VS Lucy Cho

In the book Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, the author shows the main character’s personality through her lover. A love that is passionate and uneasy. Jane Eyre goes through a difficult situation to win a love of Mr. Rochester who is already engaged to other woman. Not only he had a fiancee but he also had been married before. More shocking news is that he abandoned his first wife because she is crazy. After comparing Jane Eyre and myself, I discovered that we have very similar personalities. The major difference we have comes from a different time period.

Both Jane and I am similar in that we both have religion, Judging people inside, and gift in art Both Jane and I have a same religion- Christian. We both seek God when we have a problem. From reading the book Jane Eyre, you can see Jane constantly praying when having a difficult time. As a Christian Jane and I try to do what God wants us to do. As soon as I do something bad like breaking law, I feel the pricks of conscience. When Jane thinks about the fact that Mr. Rochester had been married before she feels guilty about loving Mr. Rochester. Eventhough she loved Mr. Rochester she acted like a servant to her master.

Jane judge people by herself but never express her feeling towards others about what she thinks. In the book Jane describe Miss Ingram as ” her mind is poor? She was not good; she was not original” (210) but Jane never says anything to Miss Ingram about it.

Jane and I have a special gift in art. I am a great artist that I am in studio art II and Jane also draws well. Jane is smart and I am smart too but in a different way.

Jane is very articulate but I am not. She is very wise when she talks. As a children she could say right things to an adult very wisely.

Sometimes Jane lacks versatility. She didn’t need to runaway from Mr. Rochester after discovering that he had a wife before. If I were Jane, I wouldn’t run away from my lover. Instead I just would be mad for several days. I would marry Mr.Rochester since his first wife was not his real lover.

As you can see Jane and I have very similar characteristics.

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