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these books help to learn many new things.

2. О каких книгах вы можете сказать следующее? Почему?

About some books of classic literature I may say " I can read it twice. It's the real thing." I feel a real pleasure to read them. I can learn more about life.

Detective stories I can't put down until I'm finished. It's exiting and moves quickly. There is a lot of action. I can read them for hours. I forget about all my problems.

"The War and Peace" by Tolstoy is a great book and I can recommend it to anyone. It's the book about the history of our country. We should know it. It's also interesting to know about people life before, about their feelings.

I find "12 Chairs" by Iljf and Petrov" an enjoyable book to read because it makes me feel good. It is the sort of book I like. It is a very clever book with a lot of humour.

I would give the books by Ioanna Khmelevskaya for stars for humour and five for fantasy. The are very interesting detective stories with unusual story lines and it's a real fun to read them.

Detective stories by Koretskiy are big thrill. I find the books wonderful in every way.

It tells about our everyday life, about crimes and about characters, who conduct investigations.

I don't usually like poetry but I really enjoyed "Yevgeni Onegin". It's a poetical novel and one of the best thing by Pushkin. You can read it very easy. These poems are like music.

I found most of the stories by Agatha Christie very enjoyable and the best thing about her book was that it never got boring. They are very interesting because you don't know who committed the crime till the last page of the book.

I like the book by Sheldon "The Stars Shine down". The book is totally brilliant. It's a love story with good and bad characters and a happy end.


I can't read modern novels. What rubbish! I don' understand them.

Once tried to read a book on economy. What a bore! I couldn't read it. It was so annoying.

Many modern books which tell you how to improve your health are big load of nothing. You could hardly follow their advises.

I don't like to read science fiction. Boring rubbish! The whole lot of it. It's very dull.

3. Многие люди проводят свое свободное время за чтением.
Выясните, нравиться ли читать вашему партнеру.

  • Do you often go to the library?

  • Not very often, because I am not very fond of reading. And you?

  • I like reading very much and have a big home library. And why don't you like reading?

  • Reading books takes to much time. But I like to read newspapers and magazines. I can get all news and information from them. Do you read books in English?

  • Yes, I try to read in English, but my English is not so good to read many English books. I prefer to read in Russian. And what is your hobby?

  • I do well in sport. I go to the basketball club. So I have no much time for reading.

  • I understand, but I can give you a any book from my home library. What sort of books do you prefer?

  • I don't mind reading detective story or a book about sport.

  • I have a very interesting book about sport It' s one of my favourite books. You will enjoy reading it and we can discuss it later.

  • Thank you.

4. Миллионы книг публикуются каждый год по всему миру.

Какую бы вы порекомендовали прочесть вашему иностранному другу, чтобы побольше узнать о русской литературе?

I would recommend the book "Moscow and Moscovites" which was written by Gilayrovskiy. It is very interesting book. It is about famous places and interesting people of Moscow. All the stories of the book are set in Moscow at the end of the 19th century. the main characters in the book are different people from very poor to very famous. I particularly love reading it because I learn many interesting facts about my native city.

5. Это книги для молодых людей, взятые из каталога. Мо­
жете ли вы сказать какие проблемы у главных героев. У вас
есть подобные проблемы в вашем классе (семье)? Думаете ли
вы, что книги могут помочь решить вам эти проблемы?

I guess that the characters have some problems, for example the problem of loneliness. Some times young people have no friends and even families. It's a


great problem when parents don't look after their children, have no feelings of responsibility.

The problems of war are also very important for young people as for everybody. Many countries are at the state of war at the present time. It's a tragedy for many families.

I guess that books tell about political problems. How the life of ordinary people depends on political struggle.

I think all young people in the world have almost the same problems.

VII. Ваш школьный ежегодник

Ваша школьная жизнь занята весельем, важными событиями и заня­тиями. Иногда вы хотите запомнить их и рассказать людям окружающем вас, важном фестивале, поп концерте или о спортивном событии, которое вы посетили. Лучший способ сделать это - создать ваш школьный еже­годник.

1. Взгляните на ежегодник американской средней школы
(Средней Школы Ли). О
чем он?

The yearbook of an American high school is about everyday life and holidays of the students. Sometimes it tells about special occasions, such as a concert, where the students show their talent. Or it could be a report about sport competitions or matches.

Yearbook of course give information about the beginning of new school year, new friends and maybe new teaches. It tells about relationship between girls and boys, about friendship and love. It may give advises what to wear and discusses teenagers'


2. О чем бы вы хотели написать в вашем ежегоднике?

First of all I would write about the beginning of new school year, about new students who came to our school. About what is happening in the school during the year. maybe about interesting tours which we have in our city and other places. I would like to write about some special events in the school, such as competitions, concerts or conference. If some students have an interesting or unusual hobby, our yearbook will tell about it.

3. Посмотрите на картинку и вычислите, какие люди вам
нужны, чтобы создать книгу. Проконсультируйтесь
со словарем
если необходимо.

To make a book we need the following people:

a designer, a computer man, a typist, a painter, a photographer


4. Нужны ли вам ли вам люди, которые выполняют сле­
дующие работы при создании вашего ежегодника? Назовите
Дополните список.

to bind a book bookbinder

to sell a book manager

to take pictures photographer

to design a book designer

to type a text typist

to make paintings painter

5. Начни делать свой ежегодник.

To make a school yearbook I need some people who can help me. We should discuss how our yearbook will look like, what articles we'll write in our book and who will be reporters. I think we'll tell about the most important and interesting events in our school, about the most popular activity of students. My best friend can make the pictures. The book should contain a lot of pictures. It's always a great fun to look at them. The cover should be very colourful and look modern. That's why we ask several students to make paintings and then we'll choose the best of them. the first page of yearbook will be about our best students.


I. Прочитай об одном из популярных занятий британских и американских подростков. Вы думаете это занятие будет популярно у рус­ских подростков? Почему? О каком популяр­ном занятие вы бы хотели рассказать вашему другу? Почему?

Человеческий боулинг

Игроки привязываются в ПО футовой стальной клетке и целятся по губчатым кеглям высотой пять футов. Популярное некоторое время в Лон-доне, это занятие (можем ли мы назвать его спортом?) вы можете увидеть лишь в одном из ночных клубов Нью-Йорка.

I think will not be very popular with Russian teenagers, because you need special facilities for it and large spare place.

I would like to tell about skiing in winter. First because it is traditional Rus­sian activity and it will show a beauty of Russian nature.

П. В вашей культуре


В России есть много литературных музеев. Что вы можете расска­зать вашему иностранному другу о некоторых из них?

1) Выберите правильную форму глаголов в скобках.

Произведения русского писателя Ивана Тургенева получили (received) мировое признание во время его жизни. Одна из его наиболее популярных работ "Записки охотника", также как и его романы и рассказы широко чи-тались (were read) во Франции, Германии, Италии, Испании, Англии и США.

Государственный музей Тургенева был открыт (was open) в родном го­роде автора Орле. Спасское Лутовиново, где Иван Тургенев провел (spend) большую часть своей жизни тоже музей и открыт (is opened) для посеще-ния. Музей посещают (is visited) студенты, учителя, исследователи из Рос­сии и зарубежа.

Мемориальный отдел музея привлекает (attracts) много посетителей. В этом здании интерьер был восстановлен (have been recreated ) чтобы воссоз-дать настоящий дом автора. Посетителям показывают (are shown) "Угловую гостиную", "Столовую", Малую гостиную", "Кабинет-спальню" и "Биль-ярдную и библиотеку". В мемориальной части музея можно увидеть (see) стол писателя, где были написаны (were written) его прекрасные романы "Рудин", "Дворянское гнездо", "Отцы и дети", "Накануне".

Диван, который он называл "Самосон", старинные часы и другие вещи onHcaHHbie(described) им в его работах можно увидеть в музее.

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