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Unbreakable Essay, Research Paper



A workaholic husband can’t see that he has contributed to his

wife’s alcohol addiction.


Virginia: A once happy wife to Drazic, but Drazic has been

neglecting her and this has turned her towards alcohol for

support. She is in her mid 30’s and before the addiction to

alcohol, she was quite pretty.

Drazic: He is the typical controlling male and believes that he

always knows best. Not realising that he has been hurting his

wife, he thinks that the addiction to alcohol has nothing to do with

him. He is also in his mid 30’s but unlike his wife he has not had

the luck of good looks. Virginia fell in love with him for his

beautiful soul.

Zeek: He is Drazic’s best friend and he has seen what Drazic is

doing to his wife. He is a very a handsome bachelor and he has

always had women falling at his feet. He can’t stand for Drazic to

be hurting Virginia because he has a forbidden lust for her.


Virginia: Oh, shut up, you stupid fool! You’re always going on at me. You

have no right in telling me what to do!

Drazic: But darling, I only ……….

Virginia: Don’t ‘darling’ me. It’s obvious you don’t love me any more. I wonder

if you ever did. It feels like our whole married life has been full of your nagging.

I’m beginning to think that mother was right in saying that I shouldn’t have

married you.

Drazic: That’s not true. It’s only in the last few years that you’ve………

Virginia: Don’t start again. I’m not drunk. There’s nothing wrong with me.

Drazic: I didn’t say you were drunk.

Virginia: Oh, you don’t need to say it. I know that’s what you mean. All those

not-so-subtle hints for years. It’s only the occasional glass to soothe my

nerves. God damn, I need something living with a man like you.

Drazic: It hasn’t always been like this.

Virginia: Hasn’t it? I can’t remember. I can’t seem to remember anything

nowadays. (Breaks down) I’ve been so miserable for so long. What the hell’s

the use of living even? One drag of a day after another. I don’t seem to

understand anything anymore – what’s happening to my life? Just because you

refuse to change. I …….

Drazic: Virginia, don’t go on like this. Please. I’m doing my best to help you.

But you won’t help yourself. I’m trying to help. Please go and see a


Virginia: (standing up angrily) There you go again. A doctor. There’s nothing

wrong with me, do you hear? (shouting) Nothing!!! I don’t need anyone to lean

on. I’m strong enough to cope with life without going to a quack. You only

need them when you’re sick.

Drazic: But darling, you are …..

Virginia: I’M NOT SICK!!! Oh God damn, I give up with you. I’m going to the

bedroom. (She storms out. Drazic stares forlornly in front of him, then picks up

a paper. He tries to read it but gives up. He switches on the TV, but turns it off

frustrated. He starts to pace the floor when there’s a knock at the door. He lets

in Zeek in.)

Drazic: Oh, gidday, Zeek.

Zeek: Hello, Drazic. Just returning the drill, thanks very much.

Drazic: Work all right?

Zeek: Yes, thanks mate, worked real beaut. (Pause) Doing anything?

Drazic: Eh? Oh no. Come on in. Drink?

Zeek: Thanks, that was thirsty work. Whatever you’re having. (Drazic goes to

the drinks cabinet and pulls out a bottle of spirits. He takes the top off and


Drazic: Listen, Zeek, I just feel like a glass of lemonade at the moment. Would

that do?

Zeek: (Looking relieved) Suits me fine. In fact, I prefer it to most things.

(Drazic leaves for a minute. Zeek looks round, picks a glass and sniffs it. He

sits and Drazic enters with two glasses. He hands one to Zeek.)

Drazic: Cheers.

Zeek: Cheers.

(Pause. Drazic nervously begins to clear away empty glasses.)

Zeek: You’re upset. Is it Virginia?

Drazic: (with back to Zeek, pauses, turns suddenly) I wasn’t going to say

anything, but I’ve got to tell someone, or I’ll go out of my mind. I don’t know

you all that well, but I guess I can trust you.

Zeek: That’s up to you. Whatever you feel best.

Drazic: (flops into chair) It’s Virginia all right. You know, huh?

Zeek: Well, I’ve only met her twice, but I can tell. I’ve come across a few

alcoholics from once being a alcoholic myself.

Drazic: Oh, yeah. Forgot. So she is an alcoholic, then?

Zeek: It’s a relative thing. There are alcoholics and then there are alcoholics.

Virginia’s not the worst I’ve seen. The main thing is, she’s certainly not beyond


Drazic: (Gets up and paces) That’s the stupid thing about it. She reckons she

doesn’t need help. She thinks there’s nothing wrong. Just a few drinks…..to

put up with me, she says. I’ve tried to get her to see a doctor, but she thinks

I’m trying to make her look weak; that I’m insinuating she can’t cope with life,

and that she needs drugs and pills to prop her up. She doesn’t understand. I

didn’t turn her into a drunk… I’ve tried to help, she just won’t listen.

Zeek: I know. People like Virginia are sometimes their own worst enemy. They

refuse to face up to reality, and so no amount of persuasion will convince them

they need a cure.

Drazic: I’m at my wit’s end. I’ve tried everything, but I can’t seem to get her to


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