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Parts, Pieces and Remnants


The two pieces that have been chosen are the bicycle crank and aircraft drill.

Reason of chosen shape color Life span material Other use

Bicycle Crank Color, light weight Smooth rectangular Silver Long, dependable Aluminum ————-

Aircraft Drill Interesting shape Helical Silver Life time Steel Drilling other objects


Having a knowledge about materials that have been used in an object , helps us better understand the technology around us. This experiment is intended to stimulate interest in material science. Both bicycle crank and aircraft drill have very important roles in technology of bicycling and drilling, so it is necessary to know what theses two pieces are made from and why they are designed like this.


Aircraft drill and bicycle crank have been picked from the box of miscellaneous parts, pieces and remnants. They were observed, touched, and felt to analyze their characteristics . They were picked because their color, weight, and shape caught my attention.


Aircraft drill: It has a helical shape, that helps to drill inside of strong objects. Also, the helical shape helps to remove the leftover chips that are made by drilling an object. The manufacture uses steel in the drill because of its strength. They use silver color to avoid any rust. Because of its strength, it should have a long life span.

Bicycle crank: It has a smooth rectangular shape with two holes at the ends that helps it to attach to the body of bicycle from one side and to the pedal from another side . They made it smooth and light to avoid any injury and easy to carry. Also its light weight brings the bicycle’s weight down. They used aluminum because it’s light and doesn’t rust. Speaking of heist, I wouldn’t get anything for one piece of crank.

Conclusion :

Every small piece of an object has been designed carefully because the manufactures have thought about and studied every detail prior to construction. Aircraft drill and bicycle crank are two examples of well-designed products.

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