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George W Bush Essay, Research Paper

George Bush, one of the candidates running for President believes that

teenagers or unmarried citizens should declare abstinence until they are sure

they wish to have a baby. He believes that abortion is killing a human being,


quotes, ?How can you kill something with finger nails??

George Bush?s issues on education are similar to Al Gore. Bush believes

that schools must have clear measurable goals focused on basic skills and

essential knowledge. Bush believes in stopping Funding Failure, which is


schools will be given a finite period to change; if they fail to do so,

children of

low-income parents will have the option of transferring to another public


or using their share of federal funds to pay for another option, such as


charter schools and ext.. Bush believes in school safety, juvenile gun laws

will be

enforced; children trapped in unsafe schools will have the option of


to a safe school. The main difference between Gore and Bush is that Bush

believes in school vouchers and Gore does not.

Bush believes in raising the illegal age of gun laws from 18-21. He says

that it is easier for children to buy a gun at a gun show then a beer at a

bar. He

feels that any child that has access to a gun at home, and that person

commits a

crime with that gun that not only should the child be persecuted but also the

parent. He also states that if a child commits suicide with a gun that the


of they gun should be persecuted.

Governor Bush believes Social Security is a defining American promise

that must be kept. He will not change benefits in any way for current

retirees or

those near retirement. But to save Social Security for the next generation,

he will

lead a bipartisan effort to reform it by giving individuals the option of


investing a portion of their Social Security payroll taxes in personal


accounts. These accounts will earn higher rates of return and generate wealth

that can be owned and passed on from parents to their children.

Governor Bush believes that roughly one-quarter of the surplus should be

returned to the people who earned it through broad tax cuts ? otherwise,

Washington will spend it. His plan will promote economic growth and increase

access to the middle class by cutting high marginal rates. It will also

double the

child credit, eliminate the death tax, reduce the marriage penalty, and


Education Savings Accounts and charitable deductions. The largest percentage

cuts will go to the lowest income earners. As a result, 6 million families

will no

longer pay federal income tax.

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