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Night Essay, Research Paper




As you read on you will be reading about my opinions on what kind of nonfiction

writing is in this book ?Night? by elie Wiesel. Further more everything in this might not all

be correct to others but this is my opinion on the story so please read on.

In this nonfiction story ?Night? by Elie Wiesel is objective writing. Objective

writing is facts that can be proved by the senses, or by the calendar, or by the clock. The

facts in this story is very real and it gives you the sense of being there and going through

all the hardships like being beaten, starvation, and living under the Germans control. I

could go on and on about all the facts in this book but there was a little of what was in it.

this book is so very true and so well written that it makes you feel some of the pain and

hardships that he has to go through. As you can see this nonfiction book is objective

writing due to all the facts and information that it has in it.

This book ?Night? has exposition in it. Expositions major purpose is to inform like

tell how something is done or how it works. For example this book is to inform us of

what went on and how the Jews were treated back then, a example: being burned, and

worked so hard, and starved. And faith in god taken away a quote to that is ?…where is

the divine mercy? where is god? how can I believe, how can anyone believe, in this

merciful god?? (page 73).This book also has descriptive writing in it. Description recreates

for the reader a person, place, or event, largely through language, appeals to senses. I

could go on and on about all of the description in this story but I will only give a few

examples that are here. One of the things that are described the most is the way they were

treated it made them feel like animals, they were beaten and starved. This story also has

narration in it. Narration?s purpose is to relate a series of events usually in chronological

order. I think his story has narration in it because it tells the story in order to what

happened in there lives like first getting kicked out of there house like when it said ?The

time has come … you?ve got to leave all this…?? (page 13). Sent to concentration camps

to being killed, and then sent free which made it very interesting. As you can see there is

lots of types of nonfiction in this story like exposition, description, and narration.

The type of nonfiction that is not in this story is persuasion. Persuasion is to get

the reader to believe something that is not true or did not really happen. This is not a

persuasion kind of nonfiction story because this book is just to inform people about what

really happened and how how he had to go through it, and how everybody had to deal

with the Germans. Also how they died. If you did not believe this book it does not try to

persuade you into believing it. there are many types of nonfiction in this story but the type

that is not in it is persuasion.

The type of nonfiction writing that is most predominant is in my opinion is the

description writing because, every little thing that happened in this book was described so

well and in such great detail it made you feel like you were there, kind of like you can feel

there pain like when the got beat by the SS officers and by other prisoners. for example in

(page 55). ?Then I was aware of nothing but strokes of the whip.? All in all this nonfiction

stories most predominant writing is description.

In closing this nonfiction story ?Night? by Elie Wiesel is objective writing which is

very high in description. which tells about his life and what he had to go through, and all

the hardships he had to go through like watching his own family die.

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