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Cuban Missile Crisis Essay, Research Paper


Title the Cuban missile crisis

Thesis statement the Cuban missile crisis almost brought another war to America and a nuclear war between the United States and the U.S.S.R


Problem how did the Cuban missile crisis affect American and why did it start


->What was Kennedy’s reaction to the u-2 surveillance of Cuba

->How did Kennedy stop the USSR from building and completing the missile base in Cuba

-> What was the over all price the United States had to pay because of their actions

->Why did Castro want the USSR to billed a nuclear missile base

->How how was the Bay of Pigs invasion linked to the Cuban missile crisis


->It deterred friendship with Cuba and also Kennedy had a much closer call to a nuclear war so he learned from the experience


On the back of the essay

Cuban Missile Crisis almost brought another war to America and a nuclear seige between the United States and the USSR but how did it affect America and its people.

{Cuban missile crisis Internet} When Kennedy received the U-2 surveillance of the Cuban missile site that was under construction by the Russians. He was extremely worried because of the site was so close to America and also the nuclear warheads had a grater range of travel. They were at the end of the second world war Russia captured most of the u-2 specialists and American captured nuclear specialists from Germany. So Kennedy expected that the Russians nuclear missile were able to travel a longer distance that in turn worried Kennedy in the first place, but now since the Russians had a base so close to America. Kennedy had very few options to chose from was either an invasion, a direct air strike, or a settlement threw the United Nations. (Encyclopedia Britannica published 1988) He tried to resolve threw the United Nations because the other two were too risky the air strike would fail because of Russians S.A.M sites. He did not want to go for a direct strike against Cuba because they tried a few months ago the get out the communist’s government and needed in a complete failure.

(World Book Encyclopedia published 1993) The president had to make some sort of dissension relating to the nuclear missals in Cuba and how to stop the Russians from completing their nuclear silos in Cuba. He was very limited to what he was able to do abort the situation he had three base ideas an air strike, a direct invasion, or a settlement through the United Nations. The takes through the United Nation was the least to cause a serous dilemma and a reaction to his disition (Kennedy was fearful of a total nuclear world war). But when the soviets dinned that there was any Russian nuclear base in Cuba and could not reach a comprise. Kennedy did not want to have a direct invasion because it might happen like the Bay of Pigs invasion. And an air strike would show the Russians that they were hostile and might cause the soviets to launch their missiles at America.(Cuban missile internet) After consultation with the secretary of defense he decided for a navel blockade witch had the least repercussions in the months to come. (Encyclopedia americana published 1988For the navel blockade to work Kennedy needed at least 60% of his battle ships to surround Cuba and prevent any soviet ships from reaching Cuba.

After the bay of pigs invasion the Cuban-American relationships were almost none excepted, and also Cuba changed to a communists country witched did not improve relationships but Cuba and America were at least still trading with each other but after the Cuban missile crisis thy stooped trading. And now America had a hostile nabor witch had some nuclear missiles left over from the sovets left Cuba. America never had a very good relationship with Cuba but now they were hostile, close, and access the nuclear missiles and nuclear warheads. The people of Cuba resented America for many years after the blockade and the Cuban missile crises. With more resent maters in mind the country of Cuba became resentful of the Soviet Union and expressed hatred towards America

Castro wanted Ade from the soviet govement because of the resent attack on Cuba the kick out the newly elected communist party but failed. So cast believed that America would try it again to get rid of the comunist government in Cuba also since there country was communist and America did not want to trade with to Cuba so they had to find another communist country to trade with them because no democratic country would ever trade with a communist state. So Russia was one of the most obvious dissention because they were communists and very willing to help out a fledging nation because they would be able to build a nuclear base for the ability to position their missiles closer to the enemy targets (America and some of Canada) and the country that they where helping out would feel safe next to a super power because that had someone backing then up. Cuba other reason was that gust in case that America invaded Cuba the Cuban people would feel safe because they would have a super power backing them up.

The Bay of Pigs invasion greatly influenced the Cuban missile crisis. The bay of pigs invasion was a plan to get rid of the communist party in Cuba via a direct strike Kennedy suspected that the Cuban gorillas would help them out because of their openness in the strike. Its failure occurred because at the last minute Kennedy recalled the air support strategic land to air missile sites or S.A.M. sites for short. These would cause too much loss of aircraft and strategic boomers. When the inverted stormed the shores they were unable to advance because of the gun turrets stooped their advance and at the later end they had to pull out because of grate lose. This was a very embracing mater because they had lost a grate deal of tropes to a lesser country. The people of Cuba that despised the America turned its dislike to hatred of America and its people. American would feel the repercussions for the next couple of years.

It deterred friendship between Cuba and America also Kennedy had a much closer touch to total nuclear war fair.


Cuban missile crisis {Internet} October 15, 1999 URL:http://www.hpol.org/jfk/cuban

Encyclopedia Americana published in 1988 published by Grolier incorporate{pg. 306-307}

Encyclopedia Britannica Macromedia published in 1995 published by encyclopedia Britannica incorporated {pg. 358}

The Cuban missile crisis {internet} September 18,1999 URL: http://www.sea-ski.com/cmc/

World Book Encyclopedia published in 1993 published by world Book incorporated {pg1179}

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