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It Is A Life Not A Coice Essay, Research Paper

It Is A Life Not A Choice

Abortion has been one of the United States? most controversial subjects.Abortion is the intentional killing of a human being before birth. About 1.6

million pregnancies end in abortion each year in the United States. Although abortion is regarded as a woman?s right, it should be banned without exceptions because it is murder, has psychological side effects, and there is an alternative.

One of the controversial arguments is whether abortion is murder. Is an unborn child in the fetus a living being? The answer is yes. Life begins at conception. When the sperm enters the egg, the egg is fertilized and known as ?zygote?. The zygote contains a full set of forty-six chromosomes, which is required to create a human life. Humans develop in stages. The first stage is conception. The level of development of the fetus does not determine life. Humans are not considered alive only if they are fully developed. If they were then only adults are alive. One is not fully developed until adulthood. There is not a magical transformation that occurs when the child is born. The

unborn child feels the same pain, responds to noise, has feelings, and fears the same as an adult. It is an eating, breathing, and moving human being.

Abortion is murder. Murder is not a choice or right. The only choice or right belongs to the unborn child. Every day these aborted children lose there

choice and right to life. The child has a heart and brain therefore it also has the right to life that is equal to the mother?s right to murder. ? Murder is

killing another human being, no matter how old or in what stage of life. And yes to all those wandering the baby in the womb is a living human being? (Shaw 1). If a mother killed her son or daughter at the age of one day it would be considered murder in the first degree. How can killing the child before it leaves the womb be anything but the same crime?

Results of an abortion have serious psychological side effects. ?About 19% of post-abortion women suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? (Reardon 1). It leaves the woman with many strong feelings about their

decision. They feel sad, wishing things could have been different. They feel grief and guilt for the lost life. Many suffer intense depression on the due date of the aborted pregnancy or the anniversary date of the abortion. ?About 28% of women that have abortions attempt suicide. Half of those attempt it two or more times? (Reardon 1). Most feel ashamed and embarrassed for killing their children. Family and friends of the woman may be angry for ending her pregnancy and make it difficult for her to deal with. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder often results in increased smoking, alcohol abuse, and drug abuse. Some experience eating disorders, divorce, and chronic relationship problems. Sometimes post-abortion women are involved in child neglect or child abuse. Years after the abortion women regret the decisions. They usually wonder what the baby would look like if it were alive. Many women are left with unbearable emotional scars. ?It was not just

a mass of cells like the doctor told me, it was a child that I killed? (Shaw 1).It may be a month or a year but the feelings do catch up with the women.They experience symptoms like nightmares, panic attacks,and flashbacks. One out of five women suffer with stress disorders. Two out of five have sleeping disorders after an abortion.

There is an alternative to ending a child?s life before birth. Reasons for the pregnancy can be a result of consensual sex or rape. The cause of the

pregnancy does not matter. The child should be born. In cases of consensual sex the woman should have the child and raise him. She should take responsibility for conceiving the child. In cases of rape the woman should have the child and raise him. She should show the child love and take care of him. If for some reason the woman does not want the child she should not kill him for convenience. She should have the child and give him up for adoption. Giving the child up for adoption the woman will have the more benefits than if she has an abortion. She will be free of the financial burdens of parenting. Teenagers that are pregnant can resume their youthful lifestyles. Most important her pregnancy will end giving life not taking a life. The woman will be thankful that she delivered the child and she will save herself a lot of grief and heartache. An unwanted child deserves his

right to life just as much as a wanted child. ?There are plenty of people that want children and are unable to have them. She should let someone that wants a child love and take care of him?(Shaw 1).

The thought of people believing that abortion is a woman?s constitutional right and choice is disturbing. It should be banned without exceptions

because it is murder, has psychological side effects, and there is an alternative. How could a woman kill a child that is part her. It does not matter how she got pregnant, the child is a living being that deserves the chance to enjoy a life.

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