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Characterization In Much Ado About Nothing Essay, Research Paper

Much Ado About Nothing has grown into one of William Shakespeare’s most beloved

comedies. The relationships that comprise this play reveal a common truth about

human nature. In the same way, the characters exhibit many complex and distinct

elements present in all human beings. The romantic relationship of Beatrice and

Benedick mimics the act of courtship and love in the real world. The camaraderie of

Don Pedro and Leonato contains the same dramas present in all bonds of friendship.

Human beings compose literature, creating valid representations of their world.

Fiction takes from the real world and human experience, thus, human beings can

discover truths about life through fiction.

Consequently, the greatest literary works ever written are those which contain

real life dramas, and, characters the reader can relate to. Relationships are the most

important aspect of a story. Character relations reveal more about human nature and

emotion than anything else.

Benedick’s turbulent and comical courtship of Beatrice represents the most

prominent love story in this drama. From the complicated circumstances of their past,

to the caustic remarks which comprise most of their interactions, Beatrice and

Benedick’s future seems uncertain. Referring to one another as poor, pathetic, and

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