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Turner Essay, Research Paper

Turner’s Syndrome

A relatively uncommon human sex-chromosome disorder. Males very rarely

contract this disease. Its occurrence rate in females is about one per

3,000 live female births.

Occurs when a sperm carrying no sex chromosomes fertilizes a normal ovum,

resulting in a female that has only one X chromosome, producing a male

body type: short, with a broad neck, and usually lacking female internal

reproductive organs and secondary sex characteristics. The patient is

usually sterile and pregnancy is rare. Other signs and symptoms include a

low hairline, webbed neck, shield-shaped chest with widely spaced nipples,

and usually kidney and heart malformations. The patient may also have

immature breasts and be of above-average height. Some are mildly


Despite many efforts, no real causes have been found to be linked to this

condition. It appears be a random event that can happen to anyone.

There is no reason why a woman with Turner s Syndrome should not

lead a full, productive life. It is important though that she get good

medical care regularly.

Turner s Syndrome


Biology Today. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc. 1991: Page 217.

“Turners Syndrome.” Via CD-ROM: Compton s Interactive Encyclopedia: 1996


“The Turner’s Syndrome Society of the United States.” Via the Internet:


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