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Reflection As Revision Essay, Research Paper

Reflection as RevisionAll through life I have always been told by people that it’s quality not quantity that matters. I cannot even remember the first time I heard it. If I only had a dollar for every time I was told that. If ever asked for the ultimate clichi, I would have to say quality not quantity. It kind of makes you wonder. If everyone from your parents to your English teachers is always telling you this, then hey, it has to be true. Yet I always have had a problem accepting that. And the more I live my life and the older I become, the more I am inclined to believe otherwise. I have come to the conclusion that it is a general rule that what matters is quantity not quality. All through high school students would always ask the teacher how many pages a paper had to be, and the teacher would reply that he or she was looking for the quality of the paper and was not interested in the quantity. If that is the case, how come the students that handed in the very long papers did better? Coincidence? I think not. If someone offers you a twenty dollar bill in mint condition or three ten dollar bills in a very wrinkled condition, which would you take? Most people would grab the thirty dollars and run. Whoever does not should probably have their head examined. There are many things in life that through their antiquity take on a higher value. In many situations, these items are not in great condition and newer, better quality counterparts can be obtained. But the age is what gives it its value. However, no rule in life is foolproof. This was one is not either. I have noticed that this rule is applicable to things that effect the human body directly. Foods are good example. You don’t see people buying fruits and vegetables that are rotten. Even if they have to by fewer amounts, they will by the nicer better quality ones. Medication is another good example. If people are given the choice of a bottle of 500 capsules of headache medicine that they have never heard and another bottle of only 250 capsules of a different brand that is well known In the industry, they are more likely to go with the better quality yet fewer in quantity

capsules. In conclusion, it is clear see that the long standing rule that you’ve learnt since nursery is not applicable most of the time in real life. Although it might be a bit shattering, you must come to the realization that the quantity is more important than quality.

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