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Renaissance Essay, Research Paper

Renaissance There has always been a debate between those who choose to distinguish the differences between the Italian Renaissance and the Middle Ages and those who viewed it as a part of the medieval world. The Renaissance was a time of grand achievements, and the revival of the arts. While in the Middle Ages many witnessed the revival of Roman Law and founding of universities. There are many similarities between the two and many things in common. Renaissance might be the link between the medieval and modern world. Middle ages was by no means Dark . Its feudalism brought out a bond between individuals in the social order which built a new form of government. It went through a period of scholasticism where the rediscovery of Juris Civilis only touched the rebirth of Roman Law. Some might say that it might have even equaled the Renaissance, which Burckhardt described as totally different than the Middle Ages. Thorndike, who disagreed with Burckhardt, believes that ” human nature tends to remain much the same ” . The Renaissance also kept people from recognizing that we were more like the Middle Ages than the Greeks or Romans that they tried to copy. Burke also commented about how the modern view of the Renaissance has collapsed, and there are new arguments that the Renaissance man as being more medieval. Burke even described Petrarch as having things in common with the Dark Ages.During the development of the Renaissance, humanism also began to mature. Since the study of humanism, the church always looked down upon it as something that would draw you away from your holy thoughts. Petrarch counterparts that we can read, and still be faithful to the church which the church thought was a sign of secularism.. Jan Van Eyck s Giovanni Arnolfi and His Bride was a work which in little ways was secular as well. Burckhardt had another idea of the Renaissance, that every person discovered their individual self. Individualism was also contained in works of art like Michelangelo Mona Lisa . Castiglione s Courtier and Machiavelli s The Prince both shaped the upper class. They influenced the social conduct among elite groups which showed their individualism amongst the poor.

The two time periods might of had their minor differences but mainly, they had the same changes and ideals. Like how Vergerio stressed the fact that the Liberal Arts was an important factor. History was considered very important because it was it was what other men said and have done. This was also true in the Middle Ages when Powell described the Romance literature. It s also true that in both eras many educational advances were made. Universities were built and filled with scholars to teach, literature was written and read. You could also say that In the Middle Ages, the development of art was incredible. The gothic churches of that time took years and even decades to build, to cherish, and to be destroyed by fire. It can be compared to the development of perspective, or sculptures. All and all, the Renaissance and the Middle Ages were quite alike. From their studies to their government, their were not a lot of changes. Thorndike makes good statement about how the evolution of man doesn t change overnight. His thoughts and ideals are very believable along with Powell s ideals. His is very convincing and I think it might me true that the Renaissance are related.

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