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Paging System Essay, Research Paper

Paging System

Pagers or “Beepers” as we sometimes call them, have become common and practical devices in both personal and professional everyday life. Pagers provide a low-cost, highly effective means of keeping in touch with your employer or loved ones. No more wondering if someone called (especially if you are waiting for that special someone) and being angry when you find out that they did, but someone just forgot to tell you. Paging system now answer everyone’s needs, from business people on the go, to working parents with young children, to university students, teens, and singles. Everyone can now have more flexibility in their lives and benefit from instant communication and immediate responses. Pagers are the answer!

The pager basically is an electronic device that can receive signals from a paging terminal or control center. When a caller dials a pager phone number, the call reaches the paging system over a telephone line. The center then sends the message by radio signal to a paging transmitter. Then radio waves send message on a certain frequency for paging service. The message will reach the pager within seconds as long as the pager is in the coverage area served by the transmitter, and the person carrying the pager will be notified by an audible beep or silent vibration.

There once was a time when having a pager meant you were probably a doctor. Then came a period when a teenager who is carrying the pager could get accused of being a drug dealer. Things have changed now; people today (especially young ones) claim that you have to have a pager if your are going to have a social life. People highly value their social lives and the freedom that goes along with them. The practical uses and advantages of a personal pager are numerous. Once you have one, you may wonder how you got by without it! Most people will identify a pager as a device, which is used to keep the user in touch with others, but they usually are not aware of the many other benefits of having a pager.

A pager could be a trusted source of some daily information if we want it to be. Now people don’t have to stop at a Seven Eleven to buy a paper to look up today’s weather situation; or keep tuning the radio station to find out about the traffic situation on their way home. All they need to do is to look it up on their personal pager. For instance, If people want to get weather report, they need to have a special service with a weather report company. People can also screen their stock portfolio through a small LCD screen on their personal pager by having service with their brokerage company.

Carrying a pager can give you the freedom of walking out of the office or home without telling anyone where you’re going. If you always seem to be running late, this can allow your family or office to remind you of those important tasks or appointments that you might have forgotten! With a pager, people can contact you when they need you, but you still have the ability to screen their message, and return their calls when you want to.

You could always be a winner in the competitive world by carrying a pager. It can give your customer the trust that they can reach you whenever they need you for assistance or doing business, thereby improving your customers’ trust. Carrying a pager You will never miss an important call while you are away from the phone or on the road. That means your opportunities are always within your reach.

For parents, pagers can help them not to worry about if their children are in a safe place. Parents carrying a pager are always within reach by their children. Pagers also provide immediate contact and peace of mind. For those patients who are chronically ill, a pager could turn out to be a lifesaver as a reminder to take medicines. In that case, pagers are one of the most valuable messengers of modern life.

Since the paging system is such an effective and reliable tool for everyone’s needs, we can see easily a growing number of people using pagers to keep in close contact with family members and friends; social obligations are now increasing and the need to stay in touch is more important. Pagers are always the answer!

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