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Brutus The Idealistic Vs. Essay, Research Paper

Cassius, being the very sly person that he is, uses all the tricks in the bag to get Brutus to join the conspiracy . Cassius wants to have Brutus become part of the conspiracy because Brutus is thought of highly and is liked by almost all of the common people. This is true because his ancestors rid Rome of the last kings. This was a great deed because those kings were very cruel. Brutus is very idealistic and although he loves Caesar, he loves Rome more, and will even kill to do what is best for Rome. Cassius uses ways such as flattery, making things up to tell him or to give him. He uses reverse psychology and many other techniques that finally convince Brutus to join the conspiracy.

Cassius main technique to win Brutus over to be part of the conspiracy is flattery. When you first see Cassius talking to Brutus he says …Tell me, good Brutus, can you see your face? In this conversation, they are talking about the nobility of Caesar and Brutus. Cassius seeks to plant the idea that Caesar is getting too powerful and will create a problem for the good of Rome. This is merely to get Brutus thinking, rather than actually asking him to join or even hinting that they are planning to kill Caesar. Cassius also speaks to remind Brutus of how much he is liked by the Romans. To this, Brutus answers him Into what dangers would you lead me, Cassius, That you would have me see into myself For that which is not in me? At this point in time Brutus suspects something and in the quote is asking If he can not see himself why are you interested and what would Cassius have me do. Cassius has now successfully prompted Brutus to think. (Julius Caesar 1:2 line 51)

Later in that meeting Cassius again and again hints at how well Brutus is liked. Brutus after hearing the crowd s cheer says, What means this shouting? I do fear the people Choose Caesar for their king. Cassius then feels a surge of confidence in him for he knows now that Brutus is wary of Caesar. He responds to this by saying, Ay, do you fear it? Then must I think you would not have it so. I would not, answers Brutus. Brutus fears that the crouwd has chose Caesar for their king. Cassius knows that if this is so then he must fear a king. Cassius uses this to his advantage. On this key part in the conversation Cassius knows that it is possible to convince Brutus over to the conspirators side. (Julius Caesar 1:2 line 80)

The third way Cassius uses is to place letters in the three places where Brutus is most likely to go. These letters are to be written in the hands of concerned citizens of Rome. This is aimed at the fact that Brutus is an idealist and is certain to do whatever is the best for Rome. If he thinks that Caesar needs to be killed for the good of Rome, then that is what he will do. In the scene right before Brutus finds the letter he talks about Caesar and eventually ends up deciding that, It must be by his death. This means that Caesar will become too powerful if not killed. He continues later when he decides that …….. And therefore think him as a serpent s egg Which, hatched, would, as his kind, grow mischievous; And kill him in the shell. Here, in Brutus soliloquy, he says Caesar has the potential to become dangerous and it is better if he is killed before he hatches , or becomes powerful When Brutus receives the letters, he makes an oath to Rome, O Rome, I make thee promise If the redress will follow, thou recievest Thy fill petition at the hands of Brutus. In this quote he says basically that if striking Caesar will lead to the reform of grievances, then he will do so for Rome s benefit. Furthermore it talks about how his ancestors kicked the Tarquins out of Rome and he has to do the same. Cassius has successfully won Brutus over into the Conspiracy. (Julius Caesar 2:1 line 30-56)

Cassius knows that he needs Brutus to successfully kill Caesar and get away with it. To achieve this he is willing to do everything possible. He uses flattery, trickery, and even lies some. He takes advantage of Brutus idealism and finally wins him over. He also takes advantage of Brutus ancestry to think that he has to kill Caesar for the good of Rome. Cassius does a good job of persuading Brutus to join the conspiracy.

Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more.

(Julius Caesar 3:2 21-22)


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