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Gun Control In Schools Essay, Research Paper

The recent rampage of school shootings is causing a lot of confusion for most americans. when someone goes into a school and starts shooting, they ask, why?. When these acts of violence occur most people immediately blame the guns. They try to pass more and more restrictions and regulations, to make it look like they are tyring to solve the problem. But they coulnt ever solve the problem., Becaue In the us today, there are over 215 million guns in circulation. Eliminating all of them would be nearly impossible.

Of all these guns, 68% are used for recreation purposes (hunting, target practice, etc) and only a mere 20 of guns are used for protection in homes, buisnesses, and other areas.

Even though most school tradgedies involve guns, I doesn t mean that we should immediately blame them for it all. guns don t kill people, people kill people (unknown bumper sticker) the gun is just an aide in their killing. You have to wonder why people get so mad to use guns. If we could release the anger of these kids in some way, they wouldn t have to resort to violence to get their point across.

With so many guns in circulation, it would be very easy for anyone to get a gun. Banning guns is not the solution. On cnn s early edition, colarado governor bill owens said he didn t know if new laws would avoid tradgedies like the school shooting. (franken 2) If we were to ban all guns, people would still be able to kill other people. Bombs, knives, and other weapons would be used.(sullum 2) If someone really wants to get their point across they will. They will use whatever they can to do it.

Another reason why these shootings are happening- the parents. If a kid is so enraged that he has to shoot people to release his anger, that is a problem. It is showing that they are not communicating with their parents. It is very hard to believe that the parents of these kids who kill had no idea . In the colombine incident, it is thought that the two kids made bombs in their own garage, and that one of them had a shotgun and a diary in their rooms. How could their parents be so blind? we need to talk to our children after the get home from school to find out what they are thinking suggests GOP Rep. Jennifer Dunn

This is exactly right. If we listen to our kids, and hear what they have to say, maybe they wouldn t let all their anger bottle up until they explode. We should teach our kids from their birth that violence is not a solution to problems.

The other reason these shootings are happening is because they want attention. With shootings claiming victims of 12 and more, the threat of copycat shootings arises. This is due to the fact that the media pays too much attention to these shootings. Not that they should totally ignore them, but they should cover them with only facts. They shoulnt be allowed to have shows like lessons of littleton and all these things that dramatize the tradgedy. Other to be shooters see this and they think if they were to do that they would get attention because the media pays a lot of it to it.

It is good though that the government has banned full assault weapons. There are no need for them. There intent is to kill and that is it. But, weapons like shotguns and .22 caliber rifles are inteded for hunting and sport. These weapons should not be banned. It is also good that people have invented such things as the gun locks and gun safes. For instance, in the heritage high shooting, the suspect broke into his families gun safe and took them to use at the school shooting. A gun lock would have prevented this. A new product called safe-t-lock, which is actually part of the gun. The owner must enter a code for it to be released.

In conclusion, guns are not to blame for todays acts of violence in our schools. It is partially the parents fault and the childs fault.

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