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Amethyst’s Adventure Essay, Research Paper

Once upon a time there was a girl named Amethyst. She was the most beautiful girl in the world. Her 3 evil stepsisters were sooooo ugly and they didn?t like Amethyst so they made her clean the house and didn?t let her have any fun.

The evil stepsisters were always making plans to kill her. One day, the evil stepsisters bought an AK 47 and hired a hit man to kill Amethyst. The hit man took Amethyst in to the woods behind her house. He pulled out his gun but he couldn?t do it. So, he took her to the middle of the woods and left her there.She walk a wait then she came to a pond.She looked down and saw a frog.

?If you kiss me, I?ll turn into a Prince? the frog said.

?Yuck I will never kiss a frog?Amethyst said and ran back in to the woods. She stopped when she saw a big castle. She walked up to the door and opened it.

?Hello! Anybody home?? Amethyst yelled as loud as she could. She waited for an answer but none came. She walk in and turned on the lights.

?Get out of my HOUSE!!!? somebody yelled at Amethyst. Amethyst ran so fast all you could see of her was a blur. Amethyst kept running until she came to a town. Everybody in the town was getting ready for some kind of party or dance.

Amethyst walked in store and saw an old lady sitting behind a desk.

?Excuse me, but can you tell me the way back to Azeroth?? Amethyst asked.

?Oh look at you. You?re all dirty Come on in. I?ll get you ready for the dance.? the old lady said.

? But I ….? before Amethyst could put up fight the old lady made a bath and left some clean clothes. Amethyst looked at herself in the mirror. She realised that she was a real mess. So she took off her dirty clothes and got in the bath. After an hour, when Amethyst was completely clean, the old lady came back with a beautiful white dress.

?Here? the old woman began, as she gave Amethyst the dress, ?I wore this to my first ball when I was your age. I met a handsome young man. A year or so later, we got married and had three kids. Last year my husband passed away and my kids are all married and are raising their own family. Now you come to my store all dirty the day of the dance and I am happy to prepare for the dance?

?I can?t take this dress means too much to you.? Amethyst said.

?You don?t Have to keep it just wear it tonight and give it back tomorrow.?the old woman begged.

?Ok? Amethyst agreed. The old woman and Amethyst spent the rest of the day getting Amethyst ready for the dance.

At 7 pm, Jane was ready to go. She looked amazing!!!

?Walk down the street and you?ll see a big castle. That?s where the dance is.? th old lady said.

?Thank you for all your help.? Amethyst said as she left for the dance. Amethyst walked down the street and saw a HUGH castle!! It looked like the castle at Disney World!! Amethyst was scared that she might get lost in there.

At the door there were guards to let the normal people in and to kick the trouble makers out. The guards let Amethyst into the castle. As Amethyst walked in she saw a magnificent ball room. There was the biggest chandelier she had ever seen! When Amethyst walked into the roomshe saw her evil step-sisters. She also saw that all the men started to drool and they all asked her to dance. Well, all but one. Amethyst saw the one man that didn?t ask her to dance and went up to talk to him.

?Hi, my name is Amethyst.? Amethyst said.

?Hello I am Prince Marmaduke.? The Prince said.

?Why didn?t you ak me to dance?? Amethyst asked.

?Well, I am shy? the Prince said.

?Do you want to dance?? Amethyst asked. Amethyst knew that all of her stepsisters where trying to dance with Marmaduke but she hoped that he would dance with her.

?Sure.? The Prince said.

The Couple Danced all night long.

?Wow look at the time! Midnight already! I?ve got to go.? Amethyst said.

? Wait I have one more surprise.? The Prince said.?My I have you attension please. I woud like to say something to Amethyst and I want everyone to hear.? The Prince got down on one knee. ?Amethyst will you marry me??

Boom! all three evil stepsisters had heart attacks at the same time.

?Yes!! I will? Amethyst said as she hugged Marmaduke. Everybody clapped. Amethyst and Marmaduke both lived happily ever after. As for the evil stepsisters they are in he ha! you though I was going to say it didn?t you! Well, you fill in the blanks: They are in he_ _!!

The End!!

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