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Ads Essay, Research Paper

Advertisements Kellogg s Description This is a Kellogg s advertisement. It s a beach scene with an older man in fairly decent shape running towards the water. He is carrying a surfboard in both hands over his head. In the bottom right hand corner there is writing that says Help yourself. Kellogg s Analysis This advertisement is obviously trying to appeal to older people. It is saying that if you eat our products than you can live longer and be in better shape. The advertisement is also saying that sports are a big thing in our culture. This appears to be just a general advertisement for Kellogg s but instead there is a little print in the bottom left hand corner that says it s for Mini-Wheats. There isn t anything in the advertisement that conveys that. The advertisement is showing that we care about living longer and being healthier and more energetic when we get older.

Tropicana Description In the background of this picture there is a picture of a younger man, most likely in his low to middle twenties, sitting on a fold up chair up in the mountains in black and white. His is drinking out of a carton of orange juice. In the foreground the bottom of the page is filling with orange juice with orange slices jumping out of the juice. There is also a carton of Tropicana Pure Premium Original brand juice floating in the juice along with a orange with a straw in it. Across the man there is some writing that says Up only a few minutes and already you re daydreaming. Analysis This advertisement is directed towards younger men or men that would like to be younger. It is showing that a real man drinks their brand of orange juice. It is showing how good it is by showing the fresh cut fruit and the orange with the straw in it. It s also trying to say that it s so good that when you are drinking it it s like a dream because you can t believe it s so good.

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