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During the great struggle that had occurred in this great fable (or novel), many of animals had done a great deed of work. The animals had formed a rebellion (Soon later to be called the Battle of Cowshed) against their heartless and cruel human enemies. With the great knowledge of the pigs and the effort of the rest of the other animals, they had overthrown the humans and replenished the farm into a sufficient stable farm suitable for the animals. They had taken very good care of their farm. Yet out of all the creatures that had now inhabited the farm, only one creature stood out to be the hero (protagonist) of the story. It is Boxer who is the unsung hero of the farm.

The farm had been taken well care of after the rebellion. All the animals had done their share of the work. Some however could not do some of the hard and large tasks, so Boxer took it upon himself to do it. Boxer was described as to have the strength of two ordinary horses. He had a white stripe down his nose that had given him a very stupid look. That look that he had was also true; Boxer wasn t the smartest animal on the farm. His lack of intelligence however was all covered up by his brute strength. It was said that after the rebellion he had the great strength not only two, but now three horses. Since he had this kind of strength, many hard and difficult tasks that required a large amount of strength were usually completed. This is the reason why Boxer held a great responsibility on why he should work so hard.

Much hard work was expected of Boxer. So Boxer did all he could so that he could meet the expectation of everyone. Then it would come to the time that he would work too much. He felt that he needed to do all this so that everyone would be satisfied. He would always be the first one out on the field working and the last one off. Boxer had work as hard as anyone did in the farm. Not one animal had the strength and determination that Boxer had possessed. Without his courageousness and might the farm would have been taken over by the evil humans in which the animals feared. Boxer had made an example to all the animals to go and work harder. He was the very idol and model for everyone working in the fields.

As the years went by it was decided that a windmill was needed for electricity. The animals were unsuccessful when the wind knock down the windmill. Despite what had happened, the determined animals had decided to make a new windmill. This windmill was to be annihilated be the humans that had attacked. Boxer had been injured during this battle. Nevertheless he had refused to rest. He would not give up until a new windmill would be built before his retirement. He then went on with his work. Working hard and struggling to get every single boulder shattered; it had finally happened, the inedible had come, he collapse on the floor and he knew what was to happened. Even though he had partially recovered from his injuries he knew that the breath he was taking was one of his own. Two days later he was taken away, and was never seen ever again.

Boxer gave his life for the better of the animals. He gave it away for a good cause. Ever though he was taken advantage of he still had the spirit of rightness that prove him to be the hero of Animal Farm. For someone to work or fight for a right cause that he believes in is what it means a hero is. This is what Boxer had done. He believed that he could help the other animals by working as hard as he could. Boxer believed in a wrong cause that was set by the humanistic pig, Napoleon, but at least his heart was always in the right place.

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