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Nicknames are a substitute of a name given to a person in fun, affection, and belittlement, usually descriptive. They can also be used to shorten a person’s name, like “Jon,” for Jonathan. Nicknames, whether positive or negative, are only describing a person’s general characteristics. Although hurtful nicknames can lower a persons’ reputation and self-esteem, joyful nicknames give the person a sense of pride.

O.K., first of all people sometimes take a nickname way too far. People might be given a nickname for that one single little thing they did, and somehow it gets turned into a nickname that sticks for a long time. Like, one day my hair was standing up on end as I walked out of my dorm room, and one of the said yo fluff, now I can t get rid of it and I absolutely hate it!

People are sometimes insulted by a nickname, I know I am. When I was younger, other kids called me fatso. Other people are called this too, because they are usually “fat.” I know they do not appreciate the name, but what can they do? It lowers a person’s self-esteem and causes them to lose weight, retaliate, or cry. Girls are especially the ones who lose weight and cry, and the guys almost always retaliate, but sometimes lose weight.

People are also insulted by names such as scumbag, nerd, geek, shortly, loser, bitch, and jerk. People who dress bad, smell bad, or overall look bad, are sometimes called scumbags. There might be other reasons for the name that I do not know of. Sometimes the name can be meant in fun. My friend, Sarah, would wear sweatpants to school, and ask me if she looks like a scumbag; I would say yes, but not really hurting her feelings. I have known friends that have given other people insulting nicknames such as: fatty, bitch, slut, loser, fag, nigger, and stupid. Granted, I have said some of these behind a person’s back, but I would never stop it so it was almost as good as me saying it.

My friends back home have nicknames as well as me, thus these are positive ones. My one friend is called “Big Dog” because he is tall and muscular. Another is called Pat because his real name is Patrick. A PIKE brother is called physco squared because is so erratic. “GoGo” refers to a stuttering friend. I have a few to tell: I m known as Fluff, Chaps (like Ralph Lauren) and teddy bear by my girlfriend.

Nicknames, whether desirable or undesirable, everyone has either had or has now. Parents, coaches, family, and friends give out nicknames in all aspects surrounding that person or people. Apart from the insulting nicknames given, I have found that the persons’ do not really mind after a while. When making fun of or giving a compliment, nicknames come in handy.

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