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English Class 009 Essay, Research Paper

I am taking English 009 to benefit me in the future. It gives me the skills I need to succeed. I would be able to write a paper; because of the writing skills I have learned in English 009. From studying hard, my grammar could be improved. I would be offered a teaching position as a substitute teacher for English because of my experience in English 009. I would be granted with more opportunities. Since I am taking the class, my guidance counselor can count it as a college prep course. By taking this class it would make me eligible for the college-clearing house. English 009 would look good on my transcripts, because it shows the extra time I put in to better my education. I would like to show people that I could do the work. People would look at me as the person who worked hard toward his education. I would show my guidance counselors that I could handle college material. When people ask me for reference on my education, I can proudly speak of it because I worked hard for it.

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