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The Hamlet In Me Essay, Research Paper

Whether we are planning to build a boat or hoping to write a good essay, the only way to go about these tasks is to make a detailed plan of all the steps that need to be taken in order to get the desired result. If you spontaneously decide to build a boat, the result may be a plywood tub that leaks from all sides, let alone hold anyone in it. Hamlet, a seventh century story put to life through the amazing writing of Shakespeare, is a play that shows how meticulous and well thought out plans will bring about the desired result. The plays main character, Hamlet, is a Renaissance man that struggles with the corrupt world around him. He must deal with such issues like “blood for blood revenge” when his own uncle kills his father and takes his place as king. A ghost king appears to Hamlet and catalyzes the events that follow in the play. Hamlet must devise a plan to take revenge for his father and bring to justice all the people who have marred the situation.

Though the church mandates through its moral code that Hamlet not take revenge, Hamlet tries to find the worst fate for his devious uncle possible: “Now might I do it, now he is a-praying, And now I’ll do’t and so he goes to heave?When he is drunk asleep, or in his rage, or in th’ incestuous pleasure of his bed?Then trip him?And that his soul may be as damned and black As hell, whereto it goes” (3.4.77-100). Hamlet finally gains the nerve to kill his uncle, but sheaths his sword when he realizes that if he kills him while he is praying, his uncle will ascend to heaven. He ultimately decides to kill his uncle when he commits a sin, so that his soul “may be as damned and black as hell.” He goes through a meticulous thought process, which shows him both his options and when to act to give his uncle the most cruel and horrible death he deserves. His actions also bring in a conflict between church and the revengeful calls of his families past. If he revenges his father’s death then he will be damned to hell according to the church.

Without Hamlet’s patient and meticulous thought process he would not be able to outwardly expose the king of his wrong doings to Horatio:

There is a play tonight before the King.

One scene of it comes near the circumstance

Which I have told thee of my father’s death.

I prithee,?Observe my uncle.

Hamlet devises a well thought out plan of exposing the King’s fault in his father’s death. Hamlet uses the advantage of having a wonderful acting troop with him to put on a play for the King and other nobility that greatly resembles the circumstances in which Hamlet’s father was killed. Hamlet’s hard work is rewarded when the King storms out of the performance as a result of his own guilt and wrong doings. Hamlet also devised this plan to fully prove to himself that the ghost was a trustworthy advocate and not a damned spirit from hell, trying to disrupt and corrupt the Danish court.

The through well thought out plans of Hamlet ultimately give him his revenge but also bring the consequence of death by the treachery he creates through the story. Like Hamlet, I use often a long thought process to plan projects that I wish to do. We both are not quick to act, but rather devise a plan to attain our goal. Spontaneous thinking can bring about undesired and sometimes deadly results. A careful thought process is a safer, but not as exhilarating and self-fulfilling way of confronting life without being spontaneous. A balance between the two thought processes would produce the most desirable result.

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