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Anwr Essay, Research Paper

This web article written by Ian Christopher, from CNN is a great reason why Bush is out to diminish our natural areas. This article is titled; In Debate Preview, Candidates outline Competing Energy Policies. This is about the energy portion of the debate. Gore is for environmental preservation; therefore, I am on Gore s side of the argument. Bush has stated that if he becomes President then he will open up a portion of the arctic national wildlife refuge (ANWR) to oil drilling. The ANWR is the only untouched pristine place left on earth and should stay that way. I am a resident of Alaska for at least three months out of the year, winter or summer. Alaska should remain untouched; energy and the environment cannot coexist with each other. Bush goes on to say that the environment and energy research or developtment can coexist. Gore suggest that we use the money needed to explore the region, should go to research of alternative energy sources that are environmentally sound. I think Bush would rather rape the land and take full advantage of the land, with no concern of what dwells there. Gore goes onto criticize Bush for his old economic and industrial ways. Gore is fighting for cleaner more efficient ways of producing energy. Gore has a better and more economic outlook for energy. Now that Bush is President we can say bye to our improved environmental ideas. Bush doesn t have the right ideas; he wants to stay with his Old-School ways. His mentality is to act now then think later; he has the mind of a criminal. There isn t a possible way to drill for oil that would significantly affect the vital ecosystem at ANWR. The article states Bush is using the rising costs in energy to sell his idea of opening ANWR for lower energy costs. Is it worth the pennies we will save to damage a delicate habitat for thousand of animals and thousands of pristine acres; I think not!

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