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SOMEDAY Essay, Research Paper


i could still remember yesterday

you bring out my natural smile

you take my anxiety away

with your sweet style

having you around here

maKes me so fortunate

i just can’t wait to hold you near

so glad i didn’t have to wait

it’s so nice having you as my bestfriend

i cAn’t hide my joy when i’m with you

with you my love can’t pretend

it seems you help me get through

but that love scaRed me so bad

i don’t want to lose you

you’re the best that i had

i just don’t wanna make you blue

i didn’t want you to end up

like my ex-girLfriends that passed by

because my life will stop

if you’ll tell my someday, “goodbye”

i guess i wanted to keep you forever

you’re the first one that i can’t afford

to lose, cause you mAke me better

cause with you i never get bored

but it seems that time has its own course

and pain chooses those who love deep

now i’m full of regret and remorse

i guess you’re not really Mine to keep

i’m sorry i took you for granted then

i’m sorry i wAs insensitive about what you felt

i never thought you cared for me often

but now the pain inside me won’t melt

sorry i never realized and believed

the love you had for mE was real

the fear of losing you i received

never considered how you feel

i thought it’s better to lose you now

but have you by my side forever

than have you now and lost you somehow

but it seems i’ll be with you never

i made the biggest mistake

of letting you slip away from my life

now my heart is the only one that will break

and you’ll never be my wife

i love you, but that’s not important anymore

you’re in the arms of someone else better

i guess all i can Do is breakdown in the floor

and that fact makes the pain bigger

everyday i think of you and regret

i should have showed you how much i care

but instead i kept my love A secret

because losing you gave me the scare

i love you, i love you so much

if only i can relive the time i was happy with you

all i waNt is to feel the warmth of your touch

all i need is your care to get me through

everyday i have to take the pain

i can’t sleep cause of this sorrow

if only i did something to persuade love remain

if only you’re here wiTh me for tomorrow

now, i can say the words you wanted to hear

my feelings are so ovErflowing

but sadly, no one cares, no one is here

my words now has no meaning

i’ll never get over you, never forget the memory

that in my past something came

but i didn’t grip it hard, it’s reality

when i loSt it, my life became lame

without you, I have no existence

i can’t do anything when you went away

now, i’m begging for your presence

hoping that you’ll come back home someday

all those times that i had the chance

to telL you how much i need your face

now all i wish is for your spare glance

all i want is to be with you for the rest of my days

please, all i’m asking is one last chance

hoping that i can turn back time to make you mine

for you, i’ve been saving my last dance

with you, my life was sO fine

girl, i’m gonna swallow my pride

just to haVe you by my side

i’m now willing to understand

just to feel and hold your hand

i’m gonna listen to Everything you say

just to hear you say that you’ll stay

i’ll be your shoulder to lean on when you cry

just be in my life and never say goodbye

i’m gonna take all the blame

just to have You back around

i’m gonna accept any shame

just to hear your voice as a usual sound

i’m willing to be patient and wait

because time without you is a waste

it’s alright if you’ll come again late

cause my love dOesn’t care about the haste

girl, this might soUnd strange

i know it doesn’t sound like the real me

but i wanna be better, i wanna change

just to let things the way they used to be

i know right now, you don’t care about what i say

i just want you to know

but i’ll say this to you anyway

girl, i Shouldn’t have let you go

things have turned out bad

and things are driving me insane

every day of my life is sad

cause not having yOu is a deep pain

i really can’t accept it that you’re gone

i just wish that you’ll be happy

i miss you laughter, i Miss the fun

cause all i can keep is our memory

i just want you to know how mUch i reminisce

i’m so afraid without, come home please

every inch of you forever i’ll miss

i’m pleading you, i’m down on bended knees

it’s you or nobody, you, i’ll never replaCe

i loved you so mucH that i made destiny mad

my sight is filled with the brilliance of your face

guess you’ll just be the angel that i never had…




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