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Technology Essay, Research Paper


How has technology changed? It has changed drastically

since I was a child. I am talking about computers mainly.

The first computer that my family bought was an IBM P/S 1.

It was about nine years ago, the price was over two thousand

dollars. Today you can buy a good p.c. for well under one

thousand. The price of pc s dropped as the technology grew.

Also a new p.c. entered, it is the laptop. A miniature p.c.

with the same capabilities. If you need help on any thing

you can buy a new software program for about twenty bucks.

You can get help on any thing from medical problems to

taxes. Floppy disks were replaced by 3 1/2 disks, now

compact disks have replaced them. Now a new p.c. is outdated

within 6 months of its production.

Computers, how they have changed schools. Schools all

over the country have computers. Schools use computers for

grades, attendance, class schedules, etc. Students use

computers that the school has connected to the internet to

get information for reports. Some schools have electronic

libraries that you can access through computers. Computers

are used to teach classes now from anywhere as long as you

are connected to the internet. You can take college classes

from your home. In high school, there are computer labs that

you can use to type a report. There are classes that you

take on computers. Like me, I am taking Microworks. It is a

class that teaches you how to use Windows 95. I use Windows

98 on my computer. I already know how to use 95 and am

learning how to use 98 at home. But I am learning a few

things about 95 that I did not know. After you are finished

writing a story. You go to the computer lab to type it. Last

year for english i spent one to two days there every two

weeks. In college it is recommended that you have. A

computer with a word processor in it. So I would say that

computers have definitely changed school, and the way we


Work, computers also have changed the way we work, and

the work that we do. At factories, Navistar for example uses

computers. They build trucks, like the big semi s. They use

them for running the line that the trucks move on while

workers add parts.machine, robots

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