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Television : Candy For The Mind Essay, Research Paper

A man once said, “Televevision is candy for the mind.” He was right. Making an analogy to candy is ideal ; either, if taken in excess can have a negative affect on the human. At one point or another you watched too much TV. And at one point or another you ate too much candy. Maybe it was on Halloween or Christmas…it doesn’t matter. The point is that both are a treat if taken in moderation.

The problem is , nowadays, too many kids are watching too much tv, and too many people are eating too much fattening items like candy. THere’s more fat people waddling around and more kids believe the stereotypes that the media has provided for the ever stable database of memory in their heads.

When a child is born in a society so motivated by technology and television, what other choice do they have but to watch television? The babysitters use it as a means to make their job easier (though I could not agree more in that case) parents so they can calm their kids down, and adolecsents because they want to watch something or are bored. Most of the time, people my age will watch TV because they are bored. When in doubt watch TV.

The problem with the excessive viewing of TV is that it is decreasing the amount of thinking done by people ; children especially. This scares me seeing as children are easy targets ; vulnerable , impressionable, and naive, they are the ideal targets. Watching mindless shows like Power Rangers and Beavis and Butthead, children are becoming more and more unlikely to really think.

Books and complicated plays make people think. Poems make people think. Television, on most occasions, does not. The reason for this being because our society is a lazy one, and a corrupt one at that. No one wants to think anymore , so they put mindless crap out there like Teletubbies that they think will entertain small children.

I think there should be more decent stuff out there like Alfred Hitchcock only the children’s version of it. Maybe the children’s version of the Matrix. But something to make kids think. Anything has got to be better than what’s out there now.

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