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Julius Caesar – Brutus Vs Antony Essay, Research Paper

In Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, two characters speak at Caesar?s funeral.

Caesar was just murdered by his best friend Brutus and the Conspirators. Brutus and

Antony both speak at the funeral, but each had their own purpose and reason for doing so.

Both speeches had their own unique way of addressing the crowd as well as differing

styles. Therefore, differing effects on the crowd as a result of their differing styles and


Brutus was first to speak. He and the Conspirators approaches the stand with their

hands dripping in Caesar?s blood. Brutus approaches the crowd by stating that his reason

for killing Caesar. His reason was not because he did not love Caesar, but because he

loved Rome more. Specifically, he says:

Brutus rose against Caesar, that is my answer: Not that I

loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more ( III, ii,

21-22 )

This quote pretty much proves and summarizes Brutus? point in his speech. To achieve

his goals, Brutus? oratory techniques were simple, logical, and rational. Brutus? speech is

very formal, controlled, and it seems that all of the sentences are perfectly balanced.

Although he did a very good job at explaining to the confused crowd that murdering

Caesar was for the good of Rome, he still hadn?t won them over yet. Brutus explained

again that he loved Caesar, but that his death was for the good of Rome. ? As Caesar

loved me, I weep for him? ( III, ii, 25-26 ). Brutus explains here that he still cared for

Caesar and he still also claimed that Caesar was not good for Rome because he was

ambitious. He mourns his death. Brutus came into a confused and curious crowd. After

he explained himself and his purpose, the people were reluctant to believed him, yet they

were convinced for only a short while.

Brutus leaves the scene and the stand for Antony to speak. Antony begins by

explaining that he only wants to bury Caesar, not praise him. Antony says that he does

not wish to disgrace Brutus? honorable name. ? But Brutus says he is ambitious, and

Brutus is an honorable man? ( III, ii, 87-88 ). This quote proves how Antony kept

mentioning about Brutus and the Concpirators. Although he mentions that Brutus is an

honorable man, he means the opposite. Antony wants mutiny against the Conspirators.

He wants revenge. Antony?s technique, although, was very original. He used repetition.

His use of repetition created a sense of sarcasm about Brutus and the Conspirators when

he repeatedly referred to them as ? honorable men?. Antony made use of mentioning that

Caesar was not ambitious for three reasons: he refused the crown three times, he did not

pocket the money, rather, he put it in the treasury, and he wept for the poor. By saying

this, Antony hoped to get the attention of the crowd counteracting Brutus? statement of

Caesar being ambitious. Also, Antony makes good use of Caesars will and the dead body.

He tries to intice the crowd by referring to the will, which offered seventy five drachma to

each citizen as well as Caesar?s land to be used for a public park. At first, the people were

against Antony, due to Brutus? previous speech. Antony did an excellent job of

perswaying the crowd and moving them to mutiny, which was his original purpose.

Although it was Antony?s appeal to the crowds emotions that ultimately swayed them to

his side.

In conclusion, both Brutus and Atony?s speeches were very important to that story

so that the point could be lead across of Caesar?s death. Both characters shared their

opinions and in the end, one got the approval of the crowd. In this, Antony did a very

good job of moving the crowd to mutiny.

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