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Saskatchewan Essay, Research Paper

Saskatchewan is a land of resources, wealth, and beauty. It?s name is derived

from a Cree word meaning ?rapid river?. Land Saskatchewan is 651,900 sq. km.

in area, half of it is forests, and one third of it is cultivated lands. In

southern Saskatchewan average temperatures range from 0-65 degrees farenheight.

In Northern Saskatchewan temperatures range from 23-57 degrees farenheight.

Grayling, trout, pike, and pickeral are found in the northern lakes, while mule,

deer, elk, moose, and long tail deer are found in the north. People Saskatchewan

has a population of about one million people. It?s largest cities are Moose

Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina, and Saskatoon. Saskatchewan is the only province

that doesn?t have a majority of French or British background. There are large

segements of Scandanavian, German, and Ukrainian. Plus about 70,000 natives live

in the province. Saskatchewan?s largest religious groups are the Lutheran, the

Anglican denominations, and the Roman catholic. Government Saskatchewan?s

government consists of a lieutenant govener (Sylvia O. Fedoruk), a premier (Roy

Romanow and New Democratic party), a parliament (6 senate members, 10 new

democrats, and 4 conservatives), and a provincial legistator (64 members).

Saskatchewan was admitted to the confederation on Sept.1, 1905 with Alberta, the

eighth and ninth provinces. Saskatchewan politics were dominated by the liberal

party from 1905 to 1944, when the CCF defeated them, they ruled until 1964, when

the liberals were returned to power. The new democratic party won, the

Progressive Conservatives defeated CCF in 1982, but regained power in 1991.

History Tribes of Algonquin, Siouan, and Athapaskan were the first known people

in Saskatchewan. Charles 11 gave Prince Rupert?s Land to the Hudson Bay

Company in 1670. About 1690 the first European visitor came to the area, his

name was Henery Kelsey. Homesteading was encouraged by the transfer of Prince

Rupert?s Land and the completion of a rail link to central Canada in the

1880s. Rapid growth associated with agricultual settlement led to the creation

of Saskatchewan. In 1921 Saskatchewan?s population was ranked just behind

Quebec and Ontario. The Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, started in 1924, is still in

business and continues to dominate farm marketing there. Natural Resources

Saskatchewan has many natural resources. Petroleum and coal are being developed

rapidly, Saskatchewan?s potash reserves are among the world?s largest. The

rivers have abundent hydro-electric power, and the rich soils and northern

forests are major resources for the province. The province has 14,000 oil wells

that produce 12% of Canada?s oil output. Saskatchewan mainly produces oil,

uranium, potash, coal, and lumber.

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