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Dress Codes Essay, Research Paper

During the 1980’s, some schools began to impose “dress codes” in order to obtain a proper school environment. The “dress codes” stated that students should be dressed decently and clothing or hair fashions should not distract other students. I believe that “dress codes” should be imposed in order to eliminate problems in a public schools.

Have you ever turned on the TV and heard about a kid who was beat up because someone wanted to steal his shoes or his jacket? Well I remember a few times were I turned on the news and heard this. Problems like this are exactly the reason why “dress codes” should be placed in public schools. Wearing extravagant clothing can cause problems while in school. For instance a few years back, a student in a Long Island school was nearly killed because another student wanted to steal his $150 sneakers. If a “dress code” was in place, all the students would be wearing the same shoes and this situation would not have existed.

Another problem seen in public schools are the gangs. Gang members a round schools are known to were the same clothes and represent their “colors”. Seeing people wear the same colors could feel intimidating in some situations. Imposing “dress codes” would force everyone to wear the same uniforms. This may eliminate some of the intimidation from gangs and create a proper learning environment.

Violence is not the only problem that exists without “dress codes”. Ridicule from other students is another example of a problem in school. Some families can not afford to dress their children in expensive and stylish clothes. Kids dressed in beat up, old clothes may become the center of ridicule from other kids. This creates an uncomfortable environment for the one kid being made fun of. With “dress codes” in place this, situation would not exist in schools. It wouldn’t matter if you are from a rich neighborhood or a poor one, every kid will have to wear the same shoes, pants, and shirts as everyone else.

Placing “dress codes” in public schools is an excellent idea. With codes in place, crime and violence may subside, gangs will have less intimidation over students, and less fortunate children will be spared of ridicule. This will in turn create a proper school environment.

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