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2061 Odyssey Essay, Research Paper

Ever read a book that went fast with little plot? That’s what kind of book 2061: odyssey three is by Arthur C. Clarke. This book is the third book in Clarke’s space odyssey trilogy. 2061 is easy to read and moves alone at a constant pace. Its simple plot line doesn’t confuse a person when the story line jumps around during the beginning.

Clarke revisits the famous future he has created in his first two space odyssey books. A future so futuristic, so creative, that it can be imagined in all space-dreaming people. A third expedition starts underway continuing from the last to excursion of human’s curiosity and exploring the laws of physics. Heywood Floyd returns again for another mission into space. Floyd starts off on a mission he was dreaming about since he was a little kid. A new spaceship, the Universe, which uses water as fuel, is going to visit and study Haley’s comet. The comet has many surprises for its visitors.

In another part of space, another ship (Galaxy) is studying Europa, one of the moons of the new sun. The new sun, once used to be Jupiter, is referred to as Lucifer, which is very odd. Europa is off grounds to humans because of the unusual activity happening on that moon. Unfortunately, the Galaxy is hijacked and forced to crash-land on Europa. Floyd’s grandson is aboard the Galaxy and gets word of this misfortune. The Universe gets orders to rescue the stranded ship before its too late. No one knows what may happen since humans interfered against the Monoliths instructions.

The imaginative sci-fi action makes odyssey three grab hold of its readers until the very end.

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