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Marcus Aemilius Lepidus Essay, Research Paper


*He was the son of a prominent politician, his father

died in 77.

*His full name was Marcus Aemilius Lepidus.

*He was a consul

After the death of Julius Cesar he had become a master at calvary

*There were many powerful men and Lepdius was wanted to be the

highpriest or the PONTIFEX MAXIMVS 179bc.

*He joined the Caesaria side of the civil war in 49-45..

*He raised an army on North Italy

*Pompey and Catulus beat him and Lepdius fled out of Italy.


* Crasssus the wealthiest man in the nation of that time. Full name is Marcus licinius Crassus..

*He tried to gain some of his wealth from choosing a province of Syria in 54 but he was defeated the Pathians at Carrhae in 53.

*He bought silver mines and he purchased confused states.

*Crassus was one of Sullas lieutenants.

*He was praetor in 71bc and defeated the slave revolt of Spartacus.

*He later became a consul like Pompey together they were called but unofficially called so the first triumvirate



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