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Candide Essay, Research Paper

The story Candide, which takes place in the mid-eighteenth century was written by a famous writer named Voltaire. The story introduces a young man named Candide and his life’s obstacles and adventures. It takes place in Europe and South America.

Life is filled with joy, evil, love, hate, and saddeness. One has not lived life until all this has been conquered. In the beginnig of the story, Voltaire describes the main character, Candide, as being a na?ve young man who lives in a castle who believes only in the teachings of his mentor Pangloss . Candide believes all is for the best in life. He believes the casle in which he lives in is the best place on earth. The young man falls in love with the daughter of the owner of the castle, Cunegund. Candide is seen kissing Cunegund and is shortly thrown out of the castle. With this mentality the character has, he must now learn how to survive in the real world outside the castle. This is when his adventure begins. As the character begins his journey he encounters hardships along the way. Candide’s theory of life is challenged, he is forced to become less optimistic about all being for the best in life.

Voltaire portrays in his novel the horrors of eighteenth century life through the life of not only one but many characters. In the novel one witnesses civil and religious wars, oppressive rulers, the punishment of innocent people, the treatment women received and diseases.

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