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Mark Nodzon Essay, Research Paper

The Cold War was the elongated tension between the Soviet Union and the United States of America. It began in the mid 40?s after WWII. The Cold War was a conflict of political, military, and economic values and ideas. Though military build up was great on both sides neither one ever directly fought each other.

Europe had a military and somewhat of an economy. In the late 40?s through early 50?s the Soviet Union started to spread. Russia was able to spread communism through many countries. Some of these countries were: Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Eastern Germany, and numerous countries in Southeastern Asia.

There are many key events that happened throughout the entire duration of the Cold War. The first main event that led up to the tension was the foreign aid policies. These policies were able to divide up Europe between the superpowers. After Europe was divided up treaty organizations and alliances started forming up again. One of these alliances was the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). This allied the western portion of Europe. Next came the Warsaw Pact, it was the communistic version of NATO.

The U.S. did go to battle though. They fought against the communists of Korea. North Korea a communistic satellite tried to spread their ideas through hostile takeover. The US funded and aided South Korea until they were able to fend off their attackers. Soon tension grew so high that the US knew that they had to do something about all the nuclear missiles that Russia possessed.

During almost the entire time that Russia and the USA had been fighting for power they had also stored up a large cache of nuclear weapons. This in fact would put the whole world in jeopardy for their lives. IM my opinion the fact that we can have a war that’s an “limited war” is ridiculous. Frankly if two countries are going to war then THEY SHOULD GO TO WAR! This whole “lets just have politics involved and only kill a few people to solve absolutely nothing” is not necessary. Not that war is good, or that I promote it, but we solved really nothing in the war against communism beside that it didn’t spread, and now we have nuclear weapons aimed at the U.S. and visa-versa. Not only would this cause continent devastation if one were fired. But if both were fired it would it cause World Wide devastation.

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