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I am not yet sure of my thirst.

I am in desparate need of water though.

The source from which my water flows has been poisoned with abuse and hatred.

My water can no longer quench my thirst.

As bad as I would like it too.

My water does not know how to flow, how to grow, how to show affection.

My thirst at times are stronger than others, and I would hate to go to another Well for water.

For sometimes when your Well, may not be able to produce, the nutrients that you need.

Other Wells may look good to your starving eyes:

Other Wells may quench your thirst for that time.

Another Well may even show you affection.

Another Well may be able to show you all those things that your water source may not be able to give you at home.

So what are you going to do if your Well runs dry?

Will you stick by its side?

And try to refill it with the purities that flow form your heart, your soul.

Will you be able to convince your Well of its unwellness?

For if your Well allows you to die of thirst, to starve.

Then that Well, that source, is not the right Well for you.

I am not yet sure of my thirst,

at this particular time.

But I know of this.

My Well is running dry.

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