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Pez Essay, Research Paper

Pez was invented in 1927 in Vienna, Austria by an already accomplished candyman named Edward Haas III. The word “Pez” comes from the German word for peppermint, which is phefferminz. You take the first, middle, and last letters, put them together and you get Pez. When Edward Haas first invented Pez it was originally a breath mint for adult smokers, thus the first dispenser which came along in 1947, naturally, looked like a cigarette lighter. In 1952 Edward Haas brought his business to America and did extensive research with his products and the way children had grown attached to them. So in 1952 the first fruit flavored Pez was introduced along with the first Pez dispensers with character heads on them. The first flavors of Pez included cherry, lemon, orange and strawberry. These were the flavors that Edward thought the children would like the most. DispensersIn 1947 when the first Pez dispenser was invented it looked like a cigarette lighter and the “characters” that we know Pez by were not introduced until 1952. It is not certain, but some experts think that Mickey Mouse, and several other Disney characters were the first to appear on the top of dispensers. The top selling dispensers of all times are Mickey Mouse, Santa, and Dino the dinosaur from the Flinstones. Since the beginning of dispensers, over 275 different characters have been featured on top of a dispenser. Before 1987 dispensers did not have “feet”. Feet are the two tabs on the bottom of the dispenser that help it stand up straight. The new Pez “regulars” are a remake of the first dispenser that looked like the cigarette lighter. The new regulars have no feet. Pez dispensers are made in and imported from Austria, Czech Republic, China, Hungry, Hong Kong, Yugoslavia, and Slovenia. The dispensers are sold at local Toys R Us, K-mart, Walmart, Wallgreens, Target, Eckard Drug, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, and many other stores. Some dispensers like Bubble Man are only available through Special order direct from the Pez Candy Co. The most money ever paid for a single Pez dispenser was $3,600 brought at auction for a Big Top Elephant dispenser. Dispenser TagsThere are two different types of tags on Pez dispensers. The first type is the patent number. Pez first applied for a patent in 1968, and received the number 2.620.061. The patent number is located on the bottom left side of the dispenser. The patent number can be used to determine how old the dispenser is. The following is a list of all the patents used by Pez Candy Co and what year they represent.When talking to someone that is knowledgeable about Pez someone might hear them use the abbreviations MIB, MOC, MOMC, or NF. What these mean are the dispenser they are referring to is mint in bag {MIB}, mint on card {MOC}, mint on mint card {MOMC}, or no feet {NF}. Pez are sold in two types of packaging. One is in a small plastic bag, and the other is on a slightly larger cardboard card and hard plastic bubble. MIB means the dispenser is mint in the bag, or not opened. MOC means the dispenser is mint on the card, or has not been taken off the card {unopened}. As long as the dispenser is not damaged it is MIB, or MOC. The card or bag can be in any shape and it is still referred to with the word mint. But if the dispenser is MOC, AND the card it is on is in mint condition it is referred to as MOMC, which means mint on mint card. If you have an older dispenser that is MOMC it would be worth much more money than an opened dispenser depending on the dispenser character and age. The last and final abbreviation is NF, which means no feet. Prior to 1987 all dispensers were NF. Some of the discontinued sets of dispensers include the bicentennial, Circus, Erie Specters, Guns, Monsters, Olympics, and Smurfs. Undoubtedly the most sought out dispenser is the 50?s Space Gun that actually shot Pez! These dispensers in any condition are worth several hundred dollars each. One final note is that Pez Candy Co. has never and will never put a real person?s face on a dispenser. If you were to see a dispenser with a real person?s face on it, it is one that is referred to as “Fantasy Pez” and is in no way related to the Pez Candy Co.The CandyOver three billion Pez candies are consumed annually in the U.S. alone. The only flavors of Pez that are currently available in the U.S. are orange, grape, lemon, and strawberry. Sugar free candies are also available in the U.S. in orange, lemon, and strawberry flavors. Until a few years ago there was no grape, and in its place there was cherry, but it was replaced with grape because Pez Candy Co thought the cherry flavor reminded children of cough syrup, so they discontinued it and replaced it with grape flavored Pez. But, if cherry Pez sounds to good, it is still available in Canada. If something crazier than the bland ordinary flavors offered here sound good, hop on a plane to Spain and you pick up some apple and raspberry flavored Pez. Or hitch a ride to Hungry or Thailand and pick up some chocolate Pez. There is even a rare {discontinued} and unusual Pez candy called “IZO” Pez that is vitamin enriched for health minded individuals. There is yet another rare and unusual Pez candy called “Kosher” Pez that is designed to comply with Jewish dietary laws. Some other long gone Pez flavors include chlorophyll, cinnamon, coffee, eucalyptus, flower, licorice, menthol, lime, IZO, and anise. These flavors were not popular enough to keep producing. The following is a list of ingredients for non-sugar frees Pez candy.Ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, adipic acid, hydrogenated palm kernel & palm oils & soybean oil mono & diglycerides, natural and artificial flavors, artificial colors {including FD&C red3, yellow5, yellow6, blue2 ? depending on flavor}- Pez FAQ v4.0 by Chris SharpeThe following is nutritional information on non-sugar free Pez candy.Nutritional Information:Serving Size: 1 rollCalories: 35% Daily Values {2000 diet}: Fat: {0g}: 0%Sodium: {0mg}: 0%Carbohydrates: {9g}: 3%Sugar: {9g}: -Protein: {0g}: – The following is a list of ingredients for sugar free Pez candy.Ingredients: sorbitol, coated citric acid, magnesium stearte, natural and artificial flavors, ascorbic acid, artificial colors {including FD&C red40 lake, yellow5 lake, yellow6 lake ? depending on flavor}- All above information collected from Pez FAQ v4.0 by Chris SharpeThe following is nutritional information on sugar free Pez candy.Nutritional information:Serving Size: 1 rollCalories: 30% Daily Values {2000 diet}:Fat: {0g}: 0%Sodium: {0mg}: 0%Carbohydrates: {9g}: 3%Sugar: {0g}: -Sorbitol: {8g}: -Protein: {0g}: -Vitamin C: {0g}: 35%- Above information collected from Pez FAQ v.4.0 by Chris SharpeMiscellaneousHere are some other Pezzy facts. Pez and Pez dispensers can be found in over 60 countries worldwide. The first Pez factory {candy only} was constructed in 1952 in New York, but was moved to Connecticut in 1972. Stock is not available in Pez Candy Co, because it is privately owned and operated. Scott McWhinnie is PEZident, and chief executive of Pez Candy Co. Anyone that collects Pez can be called a PEZhead. Pez and Pez dispensers are not the only items that carry the “Pez” insignia. Also available are balloons, bracelets, change dishes, candy shooter targets, clocks, costumes, toy trucks, glasses, greeting cards, hats, full dinner ware sets, key chains, masks, mouse pads, mugs, necklaces, T-shirts, puzzles, ornaments, stickers, sweatshirts, tattoos, visors, watches, and yo-yos to name a few. Although Pez Candy Co. does not make these items, they are registered trademarks.QuotesThe following are quotes made by various celebrities and magazines, all of which are pertaining to Pez dispensers and or Pez candy.”Whats that? A Pez dispenser”- Jerry Seinfeld”Look, Elvis Pezley”- Mark Sway {Brad Renfro} in The Client”The Tasmanian Devil, and cherry Pez”- Steven Tyler”See this is Pez candy, see, you eat it. You put the candy in here, then you lift up the head. Candy comes out, then you eat it. Want some?”- Elliot in ET”I just can?t stop eating these!”- Kathy Lee {Live with Regis and Kathy Lee}Not quoted but equally important, Pez has also appeared in {or been mentioned in}: Stand By Me, Forbes Magazine, Entertainment Weekly {special issue}, PC Magazine, Cheers, Trapped In Paradise, Kirk, Saturday Night Live, Full Body Santa, Night Court, Married With Children, Caroline In The City, Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Mens Health Magazine, The Pez Dispenser Seinfeld Episode, Remote Control, The Big Picture, Suzuki Car Commercial, The Maxx {x2}, Toy Story The Tick, The Simpsons, The Pez Band, Action Girl, Dave?s World, Jeopardy!, Neat Stuff {TV}, 14000 Things To be Happy About, Jerry Seinfeld American Express Ad, CNN Headline News, Family Matters, Stephen King?s IT, Jack, Party Of Five, Animaniacs, Last Of The Dog Men, Talk Soup, Zippy The Pinhead Comic Strip, The Pretender, and last but certainly not the least by any means,The Late Show With David Letterman.


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