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Rosaline CapuletVerona, ItalyDear Madam Capulet:I am writing to inform you that you are hereby charged with the hannus crime of murder, as the cause of many deaths and misery. You are at fault for all that has happened in the fair Verona, Italy, and are now dually charged with the following crimes: Two counts of murder in the first degree, one count of false banishment, and a high amount of counts of disturbing the peace. The reason for this is lengthy and will be described in the following letter. First of all, you were the first love of the young Romeo Montague, my client. Because you refused to marry anyone, let alone my client, you cause him tremendous grief and suffering. You turned my client into the epitome of melancholy and depression. If not for his love of you, he would never have been so mournful.Second, you, unknowingly, forced him to meet up with his future wife, Juliet Capulet, your cousin, daughter of the Lord Capulet. The Lord Capulet sent a messenger to announce the celebration to all his guests. This messenger, being illiterate, turned to Romeo and his cousin Benvolio Montague, for help reading the list. When Romeo saw that you were to attend, he decided to attend also. Out of his love for you, he came to that party, and at this party, he met Juliet, his future wife.Now, we cannot put the blame for them falling in love on you. However, it is of the opinion of the court that you, Rosaline, tendered Romeo’s heart, making him prone to fall in love easily. This may also have caused his easiness to slip in and out of moods. This is shown when he, at first was against all fights and was trying to keep the peace between his friend Mercutio, and enemy Tybalt. Soon after Tybalt slay Mercutio, Romeo suddenly had a change of heart and avenged his friends death, and for this reason was banished from his hometown Verona.Rosaline, you caused the tragedy that befell our city, causing the deaths of two, the banishment of one, and the disturbance of many. If there is anyone to blame it is you, and the courts have recognized this. Ms. Rosaline, you have been informed of your charges, It would please the court if you appeared on August the second to have yourself deposed for the trial.Sincerely,((your name here))Attorney at Law for the family of Romeo and Juliet Montague

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