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The Characters From A Tale Of Two Cities Essay, Research Paper

List of Characters For A Tale of Two Cities

Lucie Manette – A young woman from France who grew up in England. She

was raised as a child of Tellson’s Bank when her parents were thought to be

dead. She is kind and loving.

Doctor Manette – Lucie’s father who is a scientist. He?s been jail in the

Bastille for eighteen years, this hurt his mental health. But he is still a good

father who Lucie loves.

Jarvis Lorry – An older man who works for Tellson’s Bank. He is

not married and is honest and trustworthy.

Charles Darnay – A man from France who chooses to live in England for

secret reasons. Darnay marries Lucie and the father of her children. He

is a good man, but his origins are mysterious.

Sydney Carton – A lawyer who is an alcoholic. He loves Lucie, but doesn?t

think that he is worthy of her. Carton is the protagonist.

Monsieur Defarge – A man who owns a wine shop in Saint

Antoine (the poor part of Paris). He was Dr. Manette?s servant before the

doctor went to prison.

Madame Defarge – The wife of Monsieur Defarge. She wants the French

Revolution to begin.

Jerry Cruncher – A man that does diffrent jobs for Tellson’s Bank. He is

mean and uneducated. His job at Tellson’s Bank is probably the first honest

job he had.

Miss Pross – She is the servant who raised Lucie. She is a very loyal person

who cares for Lucie a lot

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