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Dear Judges of Criminal Courts:

I m writing in concern of unmarried teenage mothers who mistreat their child or cause the death of their newborn. There are alternatives available for the teenage mother so she can avoid bringing a newborn to society. Something must be done to protect the helpless newborns. I think unmarried teenage mothers should be treated as criminals for their careless.

Unmarried teenage mothers have no right to take a life of a helpless newborn child. There are alternatives to prevent birth such as abortion, birth control pills, and a variety if contraceptives. Amy Grosberg, with the assistance of her boyfriend, threw her newborn in the garbage dump of the hotel where she gave birth. Amy Grosberg could have avoided this situation with any of the alternatives available for the prevention of birth. The alternatives for not having this baby could have been easily available through her physician.

I think unmarried teenage mothers need to understand the consequence they will face if they decide to harm their newborns. The Criminal Courts need to implement a confidential program for teenage mothers. This will offer the teenage mother a place to turn to for any kind of assistance required during their pregnancy. I believe the teenage mother needs to explore every option they have before taking any action.

There should be no excuses at all for a teenage mother to take her child s life. I hope the Judges of Criminal Courts will look into this serious situation and take the necessary action. If the teenage mother decide not to utilize any of the assistance and terminates her newborn life. She should be punished to the fullest extent.

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