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Cows Have Rights Too Essay, Research Paper

Cows have rights too

Attention getter –

GEEZ!!! They didn’t give me any mustard!


I’m not saying that I am a vegetarian or anything but I believe that cows should have rights. You know that cows do have feelings to.

1) Branding –

How would you feel if someone came up and crammed some red-hot poker thing on your rear? You know it hurts enough to burn your finger on the stove. Imagine someone poking you with a glowing hot metal thing in your rear. All to show that you are their property. Why can’t they just tie something around their neck or pierce its ear?

2) Livestock –

You know it must not be very comfortable being a cow. Having to be all crowded in a little fenced off pasture. With nothing to eat but that dry hay that is given to them. They need some variety to their diet maybe hay one day and maple leaves the next. Also what’s up with their sleeping quarters, or should I say lack of sleeping quarters. They sleep in the rain standing up so they don’t have to sleep in the muddy grass or their own poop. Just think of sleeping in you toilet and you will know how a cow feels every time it decides to sleep.

3) Butchering –

A cow’s life must be depressing. They are crowded in a small pasture, waiting for their death. They are being grown to eat. Imagine yourself sitting in the middle of a confined area watching you friends get slaughtered one by one. That must be a terrible feeling, to know that you can’t escape an early death. To know that you are destined to be eaten.

Conclusion –

People need to thing about these little things a little bit before they sink their teeth into a big juicy cheeseburger. People also should try and get together a petition to better a cows life. Because cows do have feelings too.

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