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Goals Essay, Research Paper

Jonathan drlas

Essay 4

This is my first work on this paper. My goal that I?am going to incorporate in my paper is a money goal. I want to save up 3,000 dollars before I leave for school. I leave on the 15 of august so there is a little over two months that I have to achieve this goal.

Q.1) family, health, happiness, love, money

Q.2)success in life, happiness and love, lots of money

Q.3) I would spend as much time as possible with the ones I love and spend as much money as I possibly could.

Q.4) Invest it and live off of it for as long as I could. I would still work though I just would be able to do whatever I want to do.

Q.5) Invest money, I have always been afraid cause I never have had enough to invest with out the scare of losing money.

Q.6) Spending time with the ones I love and being able to see how they react when I do stuff for them.

Q.7) I would invest all the money I had.

Dr. Langford here are my responses to the seven questions I just don?t understand what you want out of the twelve steps. If you could respond before class I will try to bring those to class. Thanks jonathan

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