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Have you noticed how all tv ad show that women are smarter than men, and not equal?

Is it just me or is feminist movement going overboard. I mean men are not retards!

one ad shows a man coming home from shopping and his wife checks the list to make sure that he bought everything on the list, and then starts to yell at him for buying something else.

why must we hate men? Have they been that crual to us? I don’t think so.

without men we would not be alive. we wouldn’t have been born!

I hate women who dump on men and these ads are just another way to do it! to beat down men just because they get to stand to go pee! Does it matter that much?Are we that stupid?

If we yell at men too much they may just get tired of us and leave, just say “never mind, why did we bother?”. do we want that to happen? I don’t think so.

I think we sould apoligize to men and get over ourselves! Are we too high up to do that? I sure hope not! If we are we’re doomed

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