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Framers of the Constitution The constitution was never in any way a perfect document. Opponents of thisopinion say that the framers meant it to be that way, leaving much space for change,when the changes became necessary. The constitutionhas had to have many changes made,which makes it look as if the original writers of the constitution had no idea of whatwould come of this country in the future. Slaves were not included as part of “We the people…” when the constitution waswritten. The constitution states that “All men are created equal” and yet it took ourcountry a civil war and many years of demonstration to give blacks some equal rights. The same situation existed for women in our society. It was not until recently in the

history of our country that women were given the right to vote. Another issue that is still being debated is the issue of gun control. The congress and small interest groups are always at odds because of the changes eachwants to bring about in gun laws. The constitution was not perfectly laid out in theoriginal form and that is why there is always debate over changing it to fit the needsof society. The constitution was modeled after an old societyand has had to undergo manychanges to keep up with society. The wisdom of the framers has been overrated when onelooks at these changes and finds that the framers were only the beginning. The beginningof our great society that can change to meet the needs of “We the people….”

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