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Genesis To Eldar Eddas Essay, Research Paper

Two well-known stories of creation are the Genesis and Elder Eddas. The Christian belief is their God Ijohba starts the creation of the universe by calling all things into existence from eternal darkness with a mire gesture of his hands and uttering the words let there be light. The Norse story Elder Eddas, does not start with a single god setting the process into, but with water rushing forth into a crevasse and freezing, welting, causing fog. From the fog came Giants and Ice fairies. There are many similarities and differences between the Norse myth of creation and the Judeo Christian story of Genesis, the actual creation itself, the type of creator and even the fluidity are three main points of difference.

In the beginning of the Christian story of Genesis and the Norse myth of Elder Eddas there was darkness, this is common theme that shared by. After the stating the fact the in the beginning there was nothing the two stories wander off into extremely differed accounts of creation. At this time in the Christian story of Genesis God summons light into existence, and seeing that it is good he sets it aside from the darkness. God makes the light the day and, the darkness night. God then takes the rest of the day off. The first part of Elder Eddas is slightly more involved. Following the darkness, a sudden rush of water flows into a crevasse, freezing, creating a sheet of ice. As the ice melts it creates a fog bank, of which the first Giant and Ice ferries were formed. Still with all these differences there is still one key element that is the same. Each story shares the same start, In the beginning there was nothing .

In the book of Genesis there is a given creator, God, while there is not an exact name mentioned this early he was known as God. This God was a concerned, all-powerful, benign ruler and creator of his people unlike his counter part in Elder Eddas. In Elder Eddas There is more than one “God” and of these Gods, power is shared. These Gods are concerned but malevolent rulers who interfere with their people. These rulers are not the original creators

The Christian book of Genesis depicts the creation of the earth as a calm, passive process in which the Earth fully created. Elder Eddas is also a calm passive myth until the section where the Earth is about to be formed. In this section it becomes a bloody struggle for power. PUT NAME HERE sons turn agents him, soon after they kill him they turn parts of him into pieces of the Earth landscape. Genesis is ordered through out the entire process. God merely calls out each feature that but be created to cause the next to form till he has made the Earth whole.

The three of the most distinct differences between these two stories still have some similarities. The gods seam to have the same good intentions for there people, and both worlds have the same beginning of darkness. These stories are not similar unless you look at them closely but there are there.

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