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The Treatment Of The Elderly Essay, Research Paper

The treatment of the elderly

Since my grandparents turned Eighty, they have had trouble driving to the market.

They are constantly being run off the road because they drove too slow, and the people

behind them constantly honk. Since my Asian culture teaches respect for the elderly, I

feel it is my responsibility to take them to Hoching Asian market every Sunday after

work. To my disappointment, I had found that in the American society, the elderly are

often shipped off to uncaring nursing homes. Too often the elderly are looked upon as

decaying members of society that should be forgotten about, but to me the elderly should

be treated with respect and honor that should become with a person who has a lifetime of

experience. Last night, I watched Happy Gilmore, a movie about an ice Hockey player

who becomes a professional golfer to save his grandmother from the terrors of living in a

nursing home. The elderly people were made to work long hours in making rugs.

Eventhough it was only a movie, but it portrays the problem in the real life. I had an old

neighbor who was around Seventy, he was an soldier who being to the Vietnam War

when he was young. He got kick out of his family to a nursing home because he had a

problem taking care of himself. But you never know an useless old man who had done

so much proud stuffs when he was young, and his family just forget what he have done.

In our real world, no matter what kind of culture you?re in, you should always have to

take care of your elders, because you are their futures, their hopeness and their

generations. Otherwise, you will get the same thing when you turned old.

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