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The Incident Essay, Research Paper

The Incident

I once knew a man who told me one of the funniest stories I had ever heard. He was a boy scout, and the troupe was on a camping trip when the incident happened. See, he was one of those guys who lacked common sense and this played a major role in this story.

The episode all began when night fell on the camp. The guys were setting up to play a game called manhunt. This game was similar to hide and seek but was different in that there was a jail, and in order to capture someone, he or she had to be tackled. The scouts divided themselves into two teams, and these teams would take turns between hiding and hunting. When a player was captured, he would be thrown in the jail, but could be freed by one of his teammates who could free them by touching the jail and yelling ?free?.

The game began after all of the prerequisites were taken care of, and the first team ran into the woods. My friend was on this team, and so off to the woods he went. One of the rules I forgot to mention was that the use of flashlights was prohibited. This rule came into play rather quickly. As my friend was hiding, one of his teammates came up to him with a flashlight and scared the hell out of him. He was so startled that he ran right into a huge, wet pile of cow manure, which was to be used as fertilizer on the field they were playing on.

Well, instead of trying to come out the way he went in, he sort of swam right across it. My friend was completely covered from head to toe in cow manure. He resembled the swamp thing. The only problem was that it was the middle of December, and the hot water had been turned off in the showers, therefore he was forced to take a shower in icy cold water. He had asked his father to help him, but his father told him,? Son, there are a few things in life you have to learn to on your own, and this is one of them.? Needless to say, he had become the laughing stock of the entire camp.

The next day when the troupe woke up, my friend walked up to the field to see what it looked like, and there was a trail right through the middle of the manure pile. He told me never to tell anyone about this, but I just couldn?t resist.

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