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Immigration Essay, Research Paper

Immigration has attracted thousands of people from different countries and diverse backgrounds to Canada. The Canadian economy is flourishing due to immigration. Immigration has assisted in the development of a multicultural society. Immigration will enhance the population of Canada. Immigration is beneficial in maintaining Canada s current reputation.

Immigration has helped Canada s economy to prosper in many different ways. Entrepreneurs will start new businesses and hence provide employment to people living in Canada and new immigrants. The money and skilled labor brought into Canada by new immigrants and rich businessmen will contribute greatly to Canada s economy. Immigration is an essential labor force tool used to maintain Canada s position in the economies of the twenty first century. Therefore, from an economic perspective, immigration is beneficial in maintaining Canada s current reputation.

Over the past few years there has been a great increase in new businesses in Canada. There have been reports of thousands of entrepreneurs entering Canada and investing their money into the Canadian market (Leo Paul, 1996). Entrepreneurs are people who are willing and able to purchase, establish, or invest in a business, who will significantly contribute to the economy and will create jobs for one or more Canadians (Hinkelman, 1997, pg 5). The Business Immigration Program introduced by the Canadian government is to encourage, promote, and facilitate the immigration of experienced businesspersons from across the world that will make a positive contribution to Canada s economic development by applying their businessman qualities and expertise, which will in turn create jobs for Canadians (Hinkelman, 1997, pg 5). The unemployment rate, after falling drastically from its high of the late 1980 s to early 1990 s seems to have stabilized at about 9.5% (Hinkelman, 1997, pg 4). The reason for improvement in the rate of unemployment is immigration and an increase in entrepreneurs and business in Canada. In this way, the establishment of new business and employment of Canadians and immigrants by entrepreneurs has helped the Canadian economy significantly.

Foreign investments and capital brought into Canada by rich businessmen and new immigrants have had a great impact on the Canadian economy. Immigration has caused an increase in foreign investments in Canada. Total direct foreign investment in Canada in 1995 amounted to approximately C$ 15.4 billion (Hinkelman, 1997, pg 3). It is because of these foreign investments that Canada has one of the most rapid growth rates in the world (Hinkelman, 1997, pg 1). Many countries have taken part in foreign investments in Canada. These include Japan, France, Germany and the US. In the more recent times, Hong Kong businessmen have invested millions of dollars in Canada (Leo Paul, 1996, pg 2). Many of these immigrants coming from economically rich countries, bring with them money in millions which in turn helps the Canadian economy. All these foreign investments and money has helped make Canada one of the stronger economies in the world market.

Immigration is beneficial to maintain Canada s reputation as a leader in the jobs of the twenty first century. An area where Canada is lacking is the availability of skilled labor. Immigration is providing this skilled labor and expertise to Canada (Cribb, 1999). Almost a third of Canada s companies in a broad array of sectors are suffering stunted growth due to a shortage of high tech labor and are relying on immigration to provide them with the labor required (Cribb, 1999). On another hand, Canada is a country that is currently experiencing strong economic growth. Canada employs a great deal of workers and immigration will supply Canada with labor in many different sectors of the economy. Canada s largest employing sector is the services industry, which employs more then 10 million people (Hinkelman, 1997, pg 3). Other sectors like construction and transportation also employs a lot of people because the immigrants will do jobs which the Canadians will not do (Hinkelman, 1997, pg 3). Immigration has and continues to provide Canada with a large labor force, in order to help the Canadian economy extensively.

Economically, immigration has provided Canada with immense growth. Entrepreneurs who start new businesses and hence provide employment to both Canadian and immigrants alike have done this. Foreign investments and money brought into Canada by rich businessmen and an immigrant has contributed greatly to the Canadian economy. Finally, immigration has provided Canada with the much needed skill labor. Each such reason is beneficial to Canada in maintaining its current reputation.

Immigration has supported multiculturalism in Canada. Immigration has caused an increase in ethnic diversity. A wide range of immigration from diverse backgrounds has led to a better understanding of different cultures. People of Canadian society are highly secularized with acceptance and tolerance of all religious beliefs. This diversity due to immigration helps Canada to prosper as a diverse nation, which is beneficial for Canada in maintaining its current reputation.

Immigrations has led to people, from very different backgrounds to enter Canada. The ethnic communities in Canada have grown to the size of towns or small cities (Taylor, 1995, pg 2). Each community contributes their skills and expertise, helping Canada to strengthen its reputation as a multicultural country and for the betterment of the country. Many customer-focused Canadian organizations are tapping the ethnocultural diversity in the work force to gain lucrative new markets, both in Canada and abroad (Taylor, 1995, pg 2). This has been only possible because of immigration. Canada supports an extremely heterogeneous ethnic population, which is very different from other countries. Canada has always encouraged its immigrants to retain their ethnic traditions in order to form a rich mosaic of cultures (Hinkelman, 1997, pg 2). This understanding of different cultures has been going on from the start of the twentieth century. During the 1950 s Prime Minister John Diefenbaker said, Canada is not a melting pot in which the individuality of each element is destroyed in order a new and totally different element. It is rather a garden into which have been transplanted the hardiest and brightest flowers from many lands, each retaining in its new environment the best of the qualities for which it was loved and prized in its native land (Colombo, 1998). It can be clearly seen that by opening its doors to immigration, Canada has promoted and retained multiculturalism.

Tolerance and respect of cultural differences is one of the most important qualities in Canada. Canadians accept different cultural values and lifestyles. One major effect of this national attitude of tolerance is a relatively low degree of racism and discrimination in Canadian society (Industry Canada, 1998). Immigrants of diverse ethnic backgrounds have retained their rich cultural heritage. Due to this, Canadians are exposed to different cultures and have a better understanding of these cultures. Various cultural celebrations and events promote tolerance and participation in these events. For example different cultural events like Dewali and Eid, celebration of Asian festivals etc encourages participation by all Canadians irrespective of their cultural background. Immigration has thus led to a very united multicultural society in Canada.

Canada is highly secluar and allows the practice of different religious freely. No reference is made to the religious background of any individual, be it at the workplace, school, or business transactions. Even though majority of the population is Christian (Roman Catholics 4% and Protestants 4%) the international businessperson is likely to find communication unaffected by religion (Colombo, 1998). Immigrations are more comfortable in migrating to Canada, as they are encouraged to retain their religious beliefs. There is never any discrimination on the basis of religion. This positive attitude creates an environment for success at a local and international level and also promotes multiculturalism.

Immigration has promoted multiculturalism in Canada. Immigrations have encouraged people of ethnically different backgrounds to enter Canada. A wide range of immigration from diverse backgrounds has led to a better understanding of different cultures and traditions. The Canadian society is highly secularized with both acceptance and tolerance of different religious beliefs. These features encourage unity, tolerance and peace, which are beneficial in maintaining Canada s current reputation.

Immigration will give a boost to the very stationary population of Canada. The baby boom generation is getting older and this has led to a decrease in the population. The government is implementing new rules for immigration in order to invite more migrants. Immigration, in the future will be the cause for the population of Canada to increase. Canada requires a much higher population to ensure its reputation in the future.

There is an increasing amount of old people in Canada because of low birth rate and the choice of couple to have childfree marriages. As the baby boom generation move closer to retirement, the needs of a growing population of seniors will not be met by workforce that is shrinking by comparison (Rico-Martinez, 1998). This is in part because the birth rate in Canada (number of births per 1000 people) has been declining steadily since the 1950 s (Colombo, 1998). At the same time, the death rate in Canada has been relatively steady but is expected to rise, as a larger percentage of the population grows older. This could mean that a smaller proportion of the population will be producing income to support both economic growth and social programs (Colombo, 1998). The important source such as immigration from continents such as Asia and South America will increase the population growth. Immigration slows Canada s aging process to some extent as the typical age profile of immigrants is between twenty and forty four years of age. Immigration is required by Canada to maintain a higher population rate.

There have been new rules applied for immigrants coming into Canada. The Immigration Plan for the year 2000 sets out estimates of between 177,900 and 195,700 immigrants and between 22,000 and 50,000 refugees (Canadian Corporate News, 1999). The objectives of setting these rules are that the population of Canada has remained the same for the past few years. Canada s immigration minister Elinor Caplain said that an immigration level of 1 percent of the population was necessary to ensure Canada maintains its place of growth. We need immigration , she said, We need people to come here and more than that, I think the goal of 1 percent in the long term is good for Canada (Thompson, 2000). These new rules should work effectively at increasing the population because presently immigrants represent twenty percent of the population. This rate of immigrants is expected to rise significantly. Immigration is a must to Canada in order to maintain the population.

Immigration will help increase the population of Canada in the future. By 2006 Canada is expected to have a total population of 30.6 million the total population of visible minorities will be 5.6 million (Taylor, 1995, pg 2). According to Statistics Canada by 2030 immigration will be Canada s only source of populating growth. A recent study by the Organization For Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) states that one strategy for Canada, in the future, would a raise annual immigration to 430,000 a year for the next 20 years to ensure a healthy balance between retired people and the workforce (Thompson, 2000, pg 2). Canada is one of the three main immigrants receiving nations in the world and this is expected to increase in the future. The majority of the new immigrants, in the near future, will be from the Middle East and Asia. Statistically, it is clear that immigration will give Canada the much-needed boost for population growth in the future.

The population of Canada was on the same spot for a long time until Canada opened its door to immigration. The baby boom generation is getting older and this has led to a decrease in the population. The government is implementing new rules for immigration in order to bring more immigrants. Immigration, in the future, will ensure the population of Canada to increase. Immigration is needed to make sure that there are enough young people to run this country. Immigration leads to population growth and is beneficial in maintaining Canada s reputation.

Immigration is beneficial in maintaining Canada s current reputation. Immigration will allow the Canadian economy to prosper. Immigration has helped to create a multicultural society in Canada. Lastly, immigration will encourage an increase in the population. Immigration has led to Canada being viewed, as a mini United Nations with from people from diverse countries, faiths, and cultures living in peace and harmony.

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