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The Fascist Tide Essay, Research Paper

subject = Hist 2003: European History 1914 – present

title = The Fascist Tide

papers = European History: 1914 – present

The Fascist Tide: The Rise of a Major Force in Inter-War Europe.

The Fascist Tide

Following the catastrophe of WWI the fascist movement rose to prominence upon a

wave of discontent to become a major force in interwar Europe. The years from

1919-1945 were a fascist renaissance for Europe. A wave of rabid right-wing

sentiment followe Fascism needed enemies to conquer and during the fascist

movement’s rise to power communism provided a perfect scapegoat. The fascist

opposition to left wing sentiment reaches back to the roots of fascism in the early

nineteenth century with the disgrun To the fascists, the socialist movement and the

hard-core Bolsheviks were a threat to order and the prosperity of the nation. In the

nineteenth century it was the aristocracy feeling the pinch from the victory of the

bourgeoisie. The revolutionary per l for communist revolution (the fire was traced to

several of Hitler’s henchmen). The next day, Hitler convinced president Hindenburg to

suspend civil liberties and then forced a bill that passed legislative power to the

cabinet. Under the guise of defen an armed rebellion the democratically elected

government still had widespread support and civil war ensued. The Spanish fascists

could have gone down to defeat had they not received the military aid from Hitler and

Mussolini. Large numbers of tanks a

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