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Animal Abuse Essay, Research Paper

Animal Abuse

Animals are sometimes treated as friends but are also

treated as enemies. We keep them as pets, but if it suits

us, we slaughter them in their own habitats and in


If we could kill them in a quick and pain-free way,

like a special injection, which is not harmful to us, it

would be a lot nicer to the animals being killed. However,

the scenes in slaughterhouses are ones of bullying and

torture. The people hurt the animals in the most horrific

ways possible, for example, slitting their throats while

they are still alive and dropping them from great heights

to break their legs and necks and other bones. These are

just two of the many ways of slaughter that are used today.

Meat is needed for a good healthy diet. We should not

hunt animals for sport or make them do silly circus tricks

like, standing on their heads and climbing on top of other

animals. Angling might be the only exception to this

because without angling, the rivers would be over populated

with fish (who have a very small memory span anyway). It

could disrupt the food chain. Hunting wild animals and

reptiles is not necessary. The food chain would be just

fine if we stopped wild animal hunting, for example, fox

hunting, wild cat hunting, elephant hunting, crocodile

hunting and whale hunting.

We should not kill animals for fur. Thousands of years

ago, our ancestors wore animal skins and furs to keep warm

and dry. Today we have man made fibres to make such

garments. We can also buy man made clothes that look and

feel just like real fur, if not more comfortable. There is

no need for us to kill these poor innocent creatures for

status symbols. It takes many more than five lynx’s to make

one small fur coat. It is disgusting. How would you like it

if some bigger stronger creature than yourself killed you

for your hair or your bones so they can make clothes out of

your hair and food delicacies out of your bones? It should

be made illegal.

We should also stop testing cosmetics on animals like

rabbits and rodents. We need to test important medicines

and drugs on animals because otherwise, the effects on us

could be very harmful. I say this because new drugs for

epilepsy were tested on my uncle, without his consent, and

now he is mentally ill. He cannot walk very well. He cannot

read or write very well. He has to live in a home for

mentally disabled people like himself. This was all because

a few people were against animal testing. It is horrific.

It is much better that an animal suffers than a human.

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