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An Analysis Of The Quotation “The Mills Of The Gods Grind Slowly, But They Grind
Exceedingly Small” Essay, Research Paper

An Analysis of the Quotation “The Mills of The Gods Grind Slowly, but They Grind

Exceedingly Small”

The quotation ?The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind

exceedingly small,? could be compared to someone asking for something through

prayer. This comparison is based on three beliefs. The first part of the

quotation, ?The mills of the gods…? refers to God’s ?prayer factory? where

prayer requests are considered and acted upon. The second section, ?The mills

of the gods grind slowly…? is a reference to the way God takes His time in

answering prayers. The third belief, …they grind exceedingly small,? is

interpreted as God’s way of finally answering the prayers in the best possible


While there are many different types of prayers, the most common type is

a prayer of petition. These are prayers that ask God to do something or to give

something that are truly desired or needed. God always hears every prayer that

is lifted to the heavens. ?The mills of the gods…? can be interpreted as

synonymous to God’s constant hearing and answering of the many prayers that come

to Him. God weighs the practicality of each prayer, always keeping in mind His

master plan for each person’s life. He carefully considers these prayers in

light of how each alternative will affect the petitioner’s life and the lives of

those around them. Then, in His divine wisdom He responds to these requests

either directly or through other people. Very often, His answers are not all

one would expect. In fact, His reply may be the exact opposite of what most

would think to be best.

Many times people pray to God for something that is not immediately

received. Due to this fact, they lose faith in the prayer process. They think

God has ignored them or is resentful of something that has been done. ?The

mills of the gods grind slowly…? could be interpreted as meaning that God

takes His own precious time in answering prayers. The answer will be ?no? if it

is not in the Master’s plan, yet God will give you something. It may not be

exactly as requested, but His gift will always benefit in some way. Very often,

people are quick to assume that their prayers are unanswered, only to find them

answered much later on and in an entirely different manner than was anticipated.

God always answers prayers. They may be answered in ways that we could

never imagine, but they will always be answered. The remainder of the quote, ?

…they grind exceedingly small,? could be interpreted to mean when God answers

prayers, even the smallest detail is taken into account. God would never answer

a prayer with something worse than was requested. While one may think at the

time that God does not care, or is giving them something bad, all answered

prayers are a part of a greater plan.

God has a master plan for each person’s life. It is up to each

individual to discover that plan. This is done through prayerful consideration

of the circumstances and events of one’s life. ?The mills of the gods…? God’s

consideration and actions upon prayers, may seem to ?…grind slowly…? because

man’s concept of time is not the same as God’s. His attention to even the

minute details of each person’s life is what causes ?The mills…? to ?…grind

exceedingly small.? God does not make mistakes. The Heavenly Father takes as

much time as is deemed necessary to ensure perfection.

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